Monday, February 4, 2013

House hunting is not near as fun as they make it look on House Hunters.

Well, the great house search continues, and it has been a bit comical. We did put a third offer in on a third house, but the owners were extremely stubborn. I can understand that, but don't tell me you are "motivated" to sell your house when you aren't. They would only budge five thousand dollars, offered to sell us their fridge (that was sitting in their empty home--mind you) instead of include it in the house, and would not pay closing costs. Needless to say, when we got the counter offer, we walked away. Amazing what happens when you walk away in this market, they always call your right back!  (Well, two out of the two offers we walked away from have called us back. "Oh! Our bottom line is x amount. If you can do x amount, we'll be ready to deal with you guys."

Um, no. Come to find out these people have actually listed their house three other times at ridiculously high prices. Apparently, they aren't really willing to sell it for what it is worth since no one else apparently has bought it the three other times either.
That's when we moved onto this house above. It's the most beautiful home we have seen. How cute is that lot and this house? It's actually dropped into our price range! It's not on a main street! (So many in our price range are on main streets.) It's immaculate on the inside of the house! Oh, it is so pretty, but the hubs was not thrilled with the lot. See that hill? He dreads hills after living on a hill for so many years. In fact, we saw it on Thursday. I knew it had the potential to be "the house" for us to call our longterm home. It's actually my favorite of all the houses so far. It's true that something better will come around. Anyway, I couldn't talk C into it because of the yard. (It is on the small side with a pool.) Still, we went back out on Saturday looking at houses, and I put it on the list again. I told the realtor, "If I can just get him to look at it one more time, then maybe..."

See, I know my husband.

It has to be his decision.

If it isn't his decision, I'll live with some major fights about it later.

Eight years of marriage will teach you this.

So instead of coaxing him into it or nagging him, I just said, "Let's go see it one more time."

"Why? I don't like the yard."

"I know," I said, "But it was the nicest house of all."

"Ugh! Leah, gosh. We just saw it, but if you want to waste her time to see it again. Let's go see it."

I started smiling because after we came in, he looked around again, and his "light switch" (as I call it) went on. He said, "Let's do this! Let's make an offer."

So. We did. Again. House #4.

What I love about this house is the kitchen. It's actually a big space. So many kitchens we have seen in these older homes have been nightmares and galley kitchens. I have a galley kitchen, but you'd think you could upgrade and get one if you move up in a house? Not so if you are buying a home in an older part of town. We have seen some great modern floor plans and kitchens in the new parts of town. Our problem is proximity to our jobs & church. Our church is nowhere near our jobs, but we don't want to leave it. Our jobs are nowhere near our house. We spend so much money in gas each month, it is ridiculous. That being said, we're trying to find a house in good condition with modern amenities in our very limited price range.

I'm trying (again) not to get attached to this house. I'm really excited about this one, though. It is my absolute favorite one. Don't you love the built-ins next to the fireplace? You don't get that kind of charm in a new house. =)

This is the formal dining room and formal living room. Basically, it will be my "piano" room with hope of starting up a piano teaching business again in the near future.

Love the wood floors, the details on the walls, and the awesome chandelier!

This is upstairs, and it would be Micah's playroom.
And here it is. The reason we almost didn't even make an offer on this house. A pool. I'm still not exactly sure what we think about the pool, although it is in working order complete with a two-year old liner. Our plan is to ultimately save up enough to have the pool filled in over the course of the next few years so we don't have to deal with it.

I'm hesitant to even post another blog on another house we've looked at. It's all part of our journey, and I want to remember it.We found out at noon today that they countered us the EXACT NUMBER we said we needed and prayed for. Our mortgage isn't really going to change much, so we are basically making a lateral move. Hopefully, we'll have ours listed by the end of February so we can get it sold as soon as possible. Pray for God's will to be done. Everything seems to be a "go" on every end. We just have to go through inspection & appraisal. If all works out, we'll be new owners by mid-March.

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