Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Happy birthday, Micah!

Well, today was the day that Micah was born into the Confident family. We've prepared, prayed, and waited for this day for so long! It was hard to believe it came as quickly as it did. In some ways, I thought it would never get here. In other ways, the pregnancy flew by. The Lord made a special place for Micah in our family, and we are so blessed to have a safe, healthy delivery resulting in a perfect little boy. We praise the Lord daily for our little blessing who has made our family complete.

There are a couple of things that happened this day that I wanted to record before I forgot about them. Then you can move into the pictures. First, I distinctly remember telling the anesthesiologist that I could still feel and move my toes right before the cutting began. He kind of shrugged me off and said that it was "phantom pains."

"You just think you feel your toes moving," he replied.

Right then I felt as they started the incision. So I screamed! At that point, they doped me up considerably more so that the rest of the procedure was a blur. I do remember seeing Micah, but I was loopy for several hours.

The other thing that happened randomly was in the recovery room as they were getting Micah cleaned up for me to see him. C had left to go tell our family that the baby was here and healthy. A nurse walked in and asked me if I had been told about my son's dislocated hip from the breech birth. I freaked out sitting in the room alone.

"Dislocated hip?? What will happen?" I asked.

The nurse shrugged, "I don't do the details. I'm just a recovery nurse." Then she left me. When C came back I was sitting in the room balling uncontrollably blubbering about my "messed up child." C and I laugh about it now, but thankfully his hips weren't dislocated. That can be a common part of a breech birth. Thank goodness that wasn't the case as we discovered after several ultrasounds were ran on Micah.

Here were his stats:
Born at 1:33 pm on November 30, 2010
Eight pounds, ten ounces
Twenty two and three-fourths inches long.

Ready for the pictures?

Here I am exactly forty weeks pregnant leaving for the hospital. Yikes! I was as big as a house by this point and ready to have my child!

Crazily, I had worked up until the day I went into the hospital. Ok, now moving on in the day. We were scheduled to arrive at the hospital at eleven in the morning for a one o'clock cesarean section that afternoon. Two hours of prep? Here's what we did...

Heartbeat, contractions, etc. They monitored the baby this way.

We waited. And waited. And waited.
Right before we went back for surgery. Yikes! I was a nervous wreck at this point!

Lots of machines still monitoring both Micah and mom.

So did not want to be about to have a c-section. Wanted the baby but not the surgery. After a while (felt like an eternity), it was time to go have the baby!

Micah is born! Here is Dr. Mann taking him out of my belly. Don't worry. I won't share anything gross, I promise.
Getting cleaned up and checked out. Notice his foot by his head because he was breech. This is how he sat for forty weeks! I really wish I could share the crazy picture where he is doing a gymnastic pike position. However, I don't want to show all his boy bits on the internet.

My first look at my precious baby boy Micah. Yes, there is a "first family photo." No, you do not get to see it. I have four chins in it. Very horrible picture.

In recovery just holding him before all the chaos (read:family) comes in. Just kidding! We love our family, but as you'll see below...lots of people love us and Micah.
Micah's birthday cupcakes from Gigi's Cupcakes courtesy of my family.

C with my parents in his jumpsuit from surgery.

My sister with her brother in law.

C getting his camera out to show the pictures of the baby. I'm in recovery at this point crying my eyes out over the "messed up child" I just delivered.

The crowd heads up to see the new baby.

There he is! The nurse holding him up for all the family to see.

Micah in the nursery.

The wreath my sister made to welcome him to this world.

Keren and Ebin watching Micah in the nursery.

It's a boy!

Proud grandparents! I love how they are looking at Micah in this picture.

Recovery. At last. My family around me.

My mama holding my little man.

He's so precious, I just loved holding him!

My sister holding the baby. This may be the following day. I don't know because it all ran together.

Proud new daddy with his son.

Wow, I am looking rough, but I just had a baby. Please be nice to me. Even looking awful you can tell how ridiculously happy I am to hold my baby in my arms.

What I can't figure out is what is on my teeth? Something red. Was I bleeding in my mouth? Did they give me some kind of medicine? Did I eat Chapstick? (Just kidding, butI was so doped up. I have no idea! Anything was possible at this point.)

So Micah, that was the day you came into our world. Nothing has ever been the same since!