Thursday, July 17, 2014

Introducing John Sawyer

Well, friends, life has happened. It has snuck up on me, overwhelmed me, and engulfed me in blessings. I am not sure how I went so long without blogging. I know that not one person is left reading my blog, but I started thinking about how many things I recorded with Micah. I miss the record keeping. I miss the memories I recorded. I look back at pictures, but to know the story behind the pictures is an awesome treat. I was overwhelmed last year in sadness for the loss of our baby, but yet also excited at the promise of a new baby. Instead of blogging every moment? I soaked it all in. Now, I'm ready to reflect on last year and talk about it all. It's time to move on. Without further ado, I'd like to introduce you to son number two, John Sawyer Cook.

There are two things I said I'd never do.
#1 I would never "middle name" my child.
#2 I would never name my son after his father since he needed his own identity. 


Never say never.

The story behind the name is pretty simple, so I guess I'll start there.

I teach so you have to realize that. Naming a child is hard because I want to have a name I've never taught. That's tough. So this name needed to be unusual, not used a lot, easy to pronounce, not remind me of a "bad kid" from my class and simple to spell.

 During our first year of marriage this show came out. You may have heard of it. It's called Lost. Christopher & I were newly married, and didn't really share similar television tastes. Suddenly, here was this show that we both loved. We watched it for our "date night" each week. It was our thing for six years, and there was this character that we loved/hated named Sawyer. Yes! I know! We got the name from a tv show. As we joked around over the years, we kept saying that our second son would be named Sawyer. Haha, isn't that funny to use that name from our fave tv show? Not thinking it would actually happen. Then I got pregnant with our miscarried blessing, and the name we picked out for that baby (if it was a boy) was Stephen from a sermon that Bro. Danny had recently preached. It just didn't feel right to me to consider the name Stephen any longer. I have no idea if that baby was a boy or girl, but Stephen was off the list. So Sawyer came up again. And again. I mentioned other S names (I was on an S kick), but every single time we came back to Sawyer. I am also an English buff who loves to read, and I liked the character Tom Sawyer in Huck Finn. So there ya go.

As we continued to talk, we realized we wanted Sawyer to have a name that also had some significance other than a tv show. Since Micah was a Biblical name, we wanted another Biblical name. My husband's name is John Christopher, and I have two grandfathers named John and an uncle named John. It became apparent that using John was a great idea. I liked Sawyer John, but Christopher liked John Sawyer. After going back and forth and back and forth, I gave in and let him be John Sawyer (with the condition that he was called Sawyer--no double names).

So that's how Sawyer got his name. Now that you know the name story, let's take a look at some picture from that day & first week. All of these are my iPhone pics from the day, and I plan to upload and do proper documentation from pictures that Christopher took with the fancypants camera. Just be warned because they are not top quality. =)

Sawyer came into our lives on a cold April afternoon. In fact, he was born April 22, 2014, at 12:44 weighing seven pounds, seven ounces. That's right. He was born on 4/22/14 at 12:44. That'a a lot of fours and twos.  He was twenty inches long, and much, much smaller than his brother Micah. 

But let's start at  the beginning. This was my last picture pregnant as I left for the hospital Tuesday morning after working the previous day. I am crazy like that!

Now that I don't feel like a blimp, I was kind of cute preggo.

The day started out with lots of waiting. I was having a scheduled c-section, but you still have to wait.

When he came into the world, he was perfect. I spent so much time just staring at him and soaking it all in.

Right away, I was drawn in my his bright blue eyes.

His hair? A nice strawberry blonde, reddish color like his Mommy! The boys definitely have their Mommy's coloring.

I'll save the birth story for another post, but needless to say we are so in love with this little guy!!

Lots of people came to visit him, and Micah just adored him as soon as they met.

Micah's been an awesome helper and very eager to spend time with his "Baby Sawyer." In this picture, he's introducing Bear to his brother.

He wanted to put the paci in the baby's mouth.

This picture pretty much sums up our family. Micah (still sucking his two fingers) and Bear loving on the brand new baby. He loves to hold him. It's one of his favorite things to do.

He's just perfect. We love him so and are thankful to the Lord for his blessings.

Micah with the baby at the house. 

Our first family dinner as a family unit of four.

Micah holding Sawyer in our bed.

He's so serious about his duties as a big brother.

This is probably one of my fave pictures taken so far.

Stay tuned! I have more pictures to share in this great catch up the blog!

Welcome John Sawyer into our lives. We love you very, very much! I thank the Lord every day that He saw fit to make us your parents.

Monday, September 30, 2013

Big news so it is time to get back to the blog.

One minute, you are writing this post at the beginning of summer completely overwhelmed with grief at the loss of your little baby. It's a surreal feeling, and you aren't really sure quite how to act, what to say, and faith seems to fail you. go quiet. I went quiet for a long, long time.

I needed some peace. I needed some time alone with my husband, my son, and my thoughts.

A lot happened in since then. A whole lot. Sometimes life takes you by surprise, and well...imagine our SHOCK to discover I was pregnant in August! Yes, utter shock! Naturally, I have kept extremely quiet about this new life event unsure how on earth one person gets pregnant not once but twice in such a short amount of time. That, in itself, is a miracle, but suddenly we are at 12-14 weeks. It is becoming apparent (as my belly sticks out and the morning sickness won't evade me) maybe (?) this baby will be a part of our world this April.

There is so much to catch up on, and I'm sure I have all but one reader left. I'll be ready to announce on Facebook after one final doctor appointment next week. Please pray for us! I'm a nervous wreck, but the Lord has a plan. And obviously, I do not understand his timing (although I'm very thankful).

Friday, June 14, 2013

Trying to move on by keeping busy.

Despite everything that has happened over this week, we're trying to "move on" by keeping busy. It's been a very long, emotional week since finding out about the baby last Friday. Micah has been enjoying a gift from his KayKay & Papa. This is his water table, and he absolutely loves it.

What summer is complete without drinking from the water hose?

He's live in the water hose if I let him, but we would have a very large water bill.

We've started the process of "making over" the front of the house. Plans this summer include replacement of the rotten wood followed by a new paint job.

My mom came over one Saturday to help with a major lawn project. At the time, I thought I'd be hosting my monthly bunko at our house. Unfortunately, the miscarriage kind of changed those plans.

A little video of our little guy outside helping us do some yard work.

He would stay outside all day and all night if we let him.

A shot of the flower beds in progress.

Daddy's little helper!

What day outside is complete without your very own toilet? #cuetheredneckjokes

KayKay was a great help with the yard and the flower beds. She's got some amazing flower knowledge!

Micah also enjoyed pretending to carry his lawn supplies around in his wagon like Daddy (who was using a wheelbarrow). 

Christopher was making fun of me the other night because I was folding laundry in the living room floor. "You know you have a laundry room now, right?"

We've tried some potty training. For like two days. I need to be more consistent because he did pretty well.
A video of Micah playing at my parents' house.

Since Mother's Day included my dad going to the hospital, we "redid" Mother's Day on Sunday night.

Micah has spent a lot of time at the local parks this summer. We took a two-mile walk to this park one evening. He loved it!

And what summer is complete without some tv watching? He's addicted to The Lorax, so I try to limit the amount of time he watches it. Hope you are having a happy summer!