Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Vlogging again. Fell off the wagon, but I'm back today!

Hello, Friends!

Stop and Smell the Roses

I have missed some vlogging with Mandy over at House of Rose, so I thought I'd jump back into the fun this week. Sorry I've been off for a while. I talk about a few different things including our student loan surprise, working out, and my husband's new job. Click on any of the posts highlighted to read more if you have no idea what I'm talking about! If this is your first time to our blog, check out my about page

And don't forget to visit Mandy's blog to check out some more great vlogs from this week's vlogging meme. =)

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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Some of life's moments.

Some of life's moments aren't blogged.

They are fleeting, passing by in one blink of one eye.

A laughter of a son as he runs from his mother in the backyard.

The heartfelt squeal of delight as she helps him slide again & again while her husband grills dinner.

These are the moments I want to bottle up and cherish forever.

Some of life's moments aren't blogged.

The horror of a mother as she tries to keep her precious son from stepping in the dog's "leftovers" when she realizes it is too late.

The strange look upon the barefoot toddler's face at why she was saying, "Stop! Stop!"

These are the moments, funny and gross as they may be, I want to bottle up and cherish forever.

Some of life's moments aren't blogged. 

A toddler splashing in the tub, filling up a cup with water over and over again. 

Bubbles, bubbles. Laughter. And yes, a tantrum when the once ecstatic baby is taken from his water wonderland.

These are the moments, when you wonder what kind of discipline should be starting to do for that tantrum, that I want to bottle up and cherish forever.

How can I describe the joy that is in my heart tonight?

I can't.

It's in the laughter of my son. It is in his squeal of delight. And yes, it is in the look of utter disgust on his face (and mine!) when he stepped in doggie leftovers. It's in the utter amazement as we hear him mimic another word from our lips. ("Did he just say--?!?" is a frequent conversation these days.) It's in the wonderful dinner being grilled outside by my husband on the patio in amazing weather. It is in the conversation with my best friend as we play with that perfect miracle God blessed us with. It's in the journey I'm on with this man to raise that boy to the best of my ability.

My heart is full.

My heart is blessed.

I am overjoyed by so many little things that I can't just blog about with a picture. Instead, I thought I'd just write & share.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Monday is here!

Hi, all! It's Monday! I feel like I haven't done a weekend update in a million years, so I went through my iPhone. Yup! I have lots of random photos so that's what this post will be full of. I do apologize now.

Two Fridays ago our church had its semi-annual parents' night out childcare night. I was meant to have a date with my hubby, but he was sick. A strange foreshadowing of events in the Confident house I suppose. I took Micah up to church anyway since we'd paid our whopping childcare fee of $5. Then I went shopping for some new clothes! One of my cute purchases? These shoes which I love. =)

Random side story: I had three pairs of sandals break at school! It was time for some new shoes, apparently.

Also last weekend (two Saturdays ago), Mr. C & I headed to Lowe's to get our yard on. It was time to buy some much needed mulch, lawn mower supplies, and I ended up with a new blender for my shakes! I love how Mr. C is wearing his St. Patrick's Day shirt in April and Micah is chilling with his fingers (as always).

If you read my previous post, you realize that I had strep throat last week and into this past weekend.
That meant I had a lot of meds to take, I blew my healthy living diet by eating lots of Frosty's & Sonic Cream Slushes, and took lots of hot showers to try to open up my nasal passages.

I know you are super jealous of my weekend! 

Most of the week/weekend my house looked like this.

Just keepin' it real, folks. Don't worry. That's my husband's nice clean work clothes. Wouldn't want to "air our dirty laundry" on the blog. 

It was hard to find energy to wash dishes, put away laundry, and do the normal day to day activities that are necessary to keep our house running smoothly. Add to that a semi-sick baby who is getting four molars that I watched (with strep throat!) while his daddy slept...I'm exhausted.

My husband made me laugh at 9 AM on Saturday morning when he started simmering a pot of soup.

I mean, what normal person has soup simmering at 9AM? Only the wife of a midnight shift worker, that's who. He was hungry for his lunch, and I was thankful to have a hearty stew for later in the day that Micah and I could enjoy.

I did a lot of reading while I was sick this weekend with hopes of not just laying in front of the tv. I'm not going to lie, there was some laying in front of the tv, but I also almost finished the introductory book for my new First Place 4 Health program that just started at church this last Wednesday.

(AKA the day I contaminated everyone with my strep throat at church because I ignored my body's signs and went anyway! Bad lady! I wouldn't do that to Micah in the nursery, so I shouldn't have done it to my friends with my sickness. I do apologize.)

Mr. C went to a Bible conference at my parents' church part of this weekend where he heard some good preaching. So sad that I didn't get to be a part of that! Mr. C even missed the bar-b-que portion of the conference to come home and check on me. Isn't that sweet? 

My favorite part of this First Place 4 Health Bible study? The statement below (also in the picture in italics):
First Place 4 Health is not a diet; it's a lifestyle shift.

That's what I want. A lifestyle shift. (And it couldn't hurt to lose those last 10 pounds, too! Haha!)

In reading up on my new healthy living food plan, I came across some recipes that used whole wheat pita bread. I was not in possession of any whole wheat pita bread. Last night since I was finally feeling more human, Mr. C & I went on a sloooow walk (to prep for my rejoining the 5K training group today). Afterwards, we went to Wal-mart where I bought these things wonderful inventions.

Have you heard of these things before? Where have I been?

Last night to stop my craving for some bad Panera bread sandwiches, I made a turkey and ham club with provolone cheese and honey mustard sauce on one of these pita Flat Out breads. I toasted it, and it was ah-mazing!

Of course, a post is not really complete without a picture of my oh so cute son. He's been missing lately because I've been too tired or lazy to take pictures of him. Here he is enjoying his daddy's chicken chili recipe from above (which was wonderful by the way!) at lunch or dinner sometime this weekend. (We ate it a lot! Haha!)

Then bright and early this Monday morning, I enjoyed my Shakeology for breakfast using my new blender purchased last weekend. I made the "Orange You Happy" recipe from BeachBody website as the basis for today's shake inspiration:

1/2 cup of raspberries (I subbed in strawberries instead b/c that is what I had at home)
1/2 cup of orange juice
1/2 cup of water
1 scoop of chocolate Shakeology

I added:

1/2 cup of spinach leaves
1 cup of ice

The calories on the site show this shake to be a total of 228 calories. I'm sure I messed that up by adding the spinach and switching out the raspberries for strawberries. Anyway, my creation was awesome because I couldn't even taste the spinach! I have to say, I'll probably be adding spinach to my shakes more often in the morning to meet my veggie cup requirements for First Place 4 Health.

Anyway, there is your friendly, random blog post full of pictures!

Happy Monday!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Mere steps in a journey.

Six weeks ago at the encouragement from Kodi's Lent challenge to read Made to Crave, I started a single step towards working out more as a goal for Lent. I made it to Easter working out typically 3-5 days a week. It was a small step.

Three weeks ago (about), I started researching Shakeology, a meal supplement plan put out by BeachBody as a means to get some extra nutrients in my diet and hopefully lose some weight. It has 50% of your daily nutrients in a chocolate shake, and so far, I've been pleased with the energy levels and digestive benefits to my body. I haven't really had much weight loss yet, but I do enjoy having something that is a healthy choice being added to my body.

This week I joined a 5K running club of Christian women from my past and some new faces who are all committed to training together for a 5K in June. Thanks to my friend, Amy, for organizing such an encouraging group! It couldn't have come at a more perfect time in my life.

On Wednesday, I started my new First Place 4 Health Bible study at my church. I'm reading (one of the many books! haha!) the book, and I'm looking forward to the encouragement of other women as I take more steps in my journey to finally get healthy.

This week, I've fallen off the food wagon with my strep throat. I mean fallen off the food wagon big time.

Well, in reading First Place 4 Health: Discovery a New Way to Healthy Living by Carole Lewis tonight, I came across a few things that I thought I'd share.

1. "Lasting change happens when we make a series of small, positive choices day after day."

I'm not the person I want to be yet. I don't eat how I should yet. However, I am taking mere steps in a journey to get to the person Christ wants me to be.

2. "You didn't get unhealthy overnight and you won't get healthy overnight either."

This is so true of my life. I have spent too many years eating a horrible diet, and my body craves these horrible foods! I'm not going to change overnight. However, if I start to make small choices a little bit at a time I can eventually change into the person I want to become.

3. "...when your life is in balance, it's much easier to be a leader in your family and a role model for your children and spouse."

This statement hit me square between the eyes tonight after my quiet time because I realize how out of balance my life has become over the years. Most of my life has revolved around working. I brought home work because my husband wasn't home at night. The working occupied my time. Then Micah was born, and my world realigned. I don't want to spend all my time at home working! I want to spend time with my family. In addition, I realized I needed to make some drastic spiritual changes in order to raise that special little baby into someone's wonderful Godly, spiritual husband one day. I can do it, though! One step at a time! One day at a time! One choice at a time!

4. "You can't just sit there and do nothing. Change requires your willingness, no matter what your feelings are saying to you."

I have to say that I think I am making some major life changes. Is it slow? Yes. Is it always consistent? No. Am I making the changes? YES!

So here is my challenge to you: get up and go do something! You can make it happen. Trust in the Lord, and follow His will for your life. It's a hard, but amazing journey. I'm so thankful to be on this path now.

Restore to me the joy of your salvation and grant me a willing spirit, to sustain me.
--Psalm 51:12

Oh, Lord, how I hope I can rely on your spirit to be the only thing I need to sustain me!

Friday brain dump.

Wow! Blogging sure has taken a backseat to so many things. I apologize, but we've been sick (again) for most of this week.

1. I have to tell you, this week had rocked my mommy world. Micah seems to be coming into his own personality where he definitely knows what he wants and doesn't want. With that comes a little bit of tantrum mixed with attitude. He's teething and getting four two year molars in at the same time! That might attribute a bit to the utter defiance lately. He's also been extremely congested. So much so, we took him back to the doctor on Monday. Immediately he was put on antibiotics (sixth round in six weeks), Zyrtec, and Singular. Man! He's not his normal self.  I was hoping his sinful nature wouldn't appear for another couple of months, but seems it is here loud and clear leaving me pondering a few things. Overall, he is the happiest, sweetest little child, but man! Diaper and clothing changes have become a huge battle for us in the mornings.

2. This week started out great, and I had high expectations for the beginning of my 5K training group mixed with the start of my new healthy living Bible study at church. I worked out on Monday with my 5K training group (ten ladies showed up!), walked Tuesday night with a friend from my old church, and was super excited about my new Wednesday Bible study called First Place 4 Health. It is a weight loss program that encouraged Biblical & healthy living. I'm doing it with a lot of my MOPS girls from church and some other ladies that I'm hoping to get to know.

3. Around nine in the morning on Wednesday, I had a horrid headache so I drank a coke (the first in four days!) just to see if I could get some relief. No relief. By noon, I almost doubled over in stomach pain suddenly which has not been a problem since starting my Shakeology. (I have a long history of colon fun, and this shake has really made me feel tons better with my digestive track! I'm hoping I'll start to also see some weight loss results soon.) By two or three in the afternoon, I could barely walk around my classroom. Everything ached down to my pinkie toe.

4. I made it home, and ignoring my aching body, I somehow loaded Micah up and headed to church. I wanted to go to my new Bible study! By the end of Bible study, my face was heating up, I was ridiculously hot, and I tried to rush home to check my temp after meeting everyone and doing my weigh in.

5. After a desperate stop at McD's (yes, after a healthy Bible study meeting! I'm horrible, but I felt awful and needed quick sustenance), I got home to put Micah in bed and check my temp. was 101! Yikes!! I was shocked! I ended up calling in sick to work Wednesday night, calling my principal, and writing some sub plans. In the end after a visit to the doc the next morning, I found out I have strep throat. So I've been off on Thursday and Friday and I'm absolutely exhausted! This little rambunctious toddler has not let up, and my husband sleeps during the day so I'm about spent Mommy wise. Thankful that today's second round of antibiotic seems to have kicked in. My throat isn't feeling nearly as badly as it did yesterday.

Not sure what the weekend holds for the Confident family. I would hope that we can enjoy regular weekend activities, although I'm thinking about just laying low and enjoying some rest as I recover from this strep.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter morning.

Easter morning was spent together attending our church. We got up early and headed to the eight am Easter service. Every Easter we drive to Mississippi to see Mr. C's family, and it is a long drive. If we go to church early, we get out early for the drive.

We enjoyed an awesome service filled with amazing worship music and a blessed sermon! I just love church, and I love Easter morning!
After we attended the church service, we stopped by our preschool department to see if they needed any nursery workers for the second hour. By that hour it was starting to get crowded so my friend Holly told us they could use us. We picked up Micah, took him to the toddler room with us, and helped a precious older couple watch eight precocious eighteen month olds! =)

Our family, Easter 2012.
Micah, 16 months old.
Hope you had a blessed Easter!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Fun at the Shelby Farms Park!

Did you know that the biggest urban park in the country besides Central Park is right here in Memphis? Yes! It is true! It's called Shelby Farms, and it is a huge wooded landscape right in the middle of the the Memphis metropolis. We (sadly) rarely get over there to take advantage of it even though it isn't too far from our house. After Easter egg hunting, my sister invited Micah & I to meet up with some girls from her church to the new woodland discovery playground that opened last year. Since Daddy typically sleeps most of our Saturdays away, I figured it might be fun to stay out a while longer.

Ebin helping me push Micah in the stroller.

Ebin sliding down the huge slide by himself.
Then he wanted me to go and take Micah, so I took Micah down the huge slide. I think this is where Micah's new love affair with sliding happened!
Micah and I climbing back up the rock wall after our descent ready to go again!
Tons of kiddos there on such a beautiful day. Sliding down with Ebin & Micah again.
Micah running around all over the place getting hot.
Ebin sliding with his buddy Kai from their church.
Being a baby is hard work especially when you are exhausted and way past your nap time! Micah laid his little head on me, and I have to admit I was in heaven. He never snuggles, and he isn't still very much anymore for cuddles.
Playing is hard work! We had a great day, though, followed by some McDonald's cuisine and more playground time! =)
Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

An Easter egg hunt at church.

This weekend was the Easter egg hunt at our church's ball field. Daddy was sleeping after a long night at work, so I headed over to meet up with my sister, mom, and Ebin to try to hunt Easter eggs.

Keren & Ebin

Ebin running around looking for some eggs!
Mommy & Micah (unfortunately with his eyes closed)
Micah, me, Ebin, and Keren about to hunt some eggs.

This picture just makes my heart happy and sad at the same time! He's growing up so quickly, and he looks like a little boy to me in this picture instead of my baby.

We attempted to get some shots of KayKay with the grandkids. (As you can see, Micah is in the background & Ebs wasn't excited about pictures.)
We keep trying, but it was unsuccessful.
Do you want to know what toddlers and preschoolers do at an Easter egg hunt?
Here ya go.

I will say this picture cracks me up, and Micah ran around calling all the Easter eggs, "Ball! Ball!" Then he'd throw them in the air. Not much collecting was done. =)
Ebin running fast trying to get some eggs!
Ebin, Keren, KayKay (my mom), Micah & Mommy
We had a great time at the Easter egg hunt! I love that churches minister to the community through fun events like this. It is a great outreach to those around us.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Time to dye Easter eggs!

On Good Friday, while Daddy slept, Micah & I went over to my mom's house for a little while to meet my sister from lunch and dye Easter eggs with our boys.
Micah was much bigger for egg dyeing this year, but he still didn't really "get" much from the Easter egg experience! Haha!
Ebin looking into the different colors for the eggs.

My increasingly little daredevil realized that Mommy hadn't buckled him into his highchair, so he stood up in it. Whoops! Mommy didn't even realize I had forgotten to do that.

He was determined to get into the different dyes.
Keeping the boys out of the potential mess of dyeing eggs was fun. =)
Keren and Ebin dyeing eggs.
KayKay dyeing eggs with Ebin.

After dyeing eggs, we put them in their dinosaur holders.
I'm not even sure what this face was, but it was pretty funny. KayKay trying to fish out the eggs from the cups.
Micah with the entire finished dinosaur herd.
We had a great time decorating eggs at KayKay's house!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Where have you been??

Wow! Time sure does fly when you aren't busily documenting it on the blog. I've been awful about updates lately, but I'll give you the bullet point version.

--Micah spent last week (as in a week ago) with his grandparents down in Mississippi. It was very, very, very hard for me to leave him. (I called my mil that Friday night at 9pm crying stating I was coming to get him.) In the end, Mr. C & I had a fabulous date weekend. We don't get a lot of time as a family together, and we have even less time alone! I got my eyebrows waxed, read a book at Dunkin Donuts, went out to two dinners (one alone & one with friends), went to see the Hunger Games, and got nothing accomplished at my house. We met up with the in-laws at the circus where Micah had a blast.

--My baby sister turned 30. That makes me feel old. Eventually I will blog her surprise party from this current weekend and the pictures from the circus. How can she be thirty? Moreover, how can I be 33??

--I have been on a wonderful journey this Lent season committing myself to working out! Now this working out takes up a lot of time at night because I have to wait until my son has gone to bed. Instead of facebook/blogging/twitter...I have been at the gym. It feels great to give up some technology/couch sitting for some activity. Micah and I go on a walk as much as the weather allows at night (every evening if possible), and I'm even committed to walking for my treats! We go three miles (round trip) if I want something sweet at the local froyo place down the street. It's a haul, but such a good reward for working out. And you can't beat getting your workout in, getting your treat, and then walking it off on the way home.

--I have almost mastered grading all my papers at school. I rarely come home with "work" to do anymore, and I've really committed to making nighttime family time. Even if family time is just Micah & Mommy.

--I feel really blessed. Incredibly blessed.

--We went back to church for the first time in a month! Ohmygoodness. It was way, too long! I spent two weekends caring for a very sick child, one weekend out of town on vacation, and one weekend accidentally oversleeping because there was no child here to wake me up. Really bad excuse on that last week, but the truth, nonetheless.

--My husband started P90x. I'm not so sure I'm going to do P90x. My goal is 15 pounds, but I think I'd be happy with about 10. Time to shake off the baby weight. Which, actually...there is no baby weight left. It came off within a week. (Yes, I was that girl thanks to nursing. I was actually a size I hadn't seen in some time. I heart nursing!) However, my body is still not fitting into clothes right because after nursing, I kept eating like a horse. Which the ten pounds I lost (yes, ten pounds lower than my pregnancy weight--don't kill me) came back. I'm tired of some weight I put on before having a baby. Time to do something else added in with my new workouts.

--I may or may not be training for a 5k. I'm on week 2 of my C25K app (which is amazing!) and back to running this week. I realize my best friend will read this and laugh. I'm not an exerciser. I'm not a healthy person. I'm not a fitness nut, but I'm also considering doing some of this clean eating stuff because I'm just so sick of not liking my body. Something has to give.

Well, that's it. Hopefully I'll be back up for the vlogging challenge this week! Have a great day!