Hi! My name is Mrs. Confident (or Mama C), and this is our blog. We are a little family of three living in the Memphis area learning to navigate parenthood with our new son Micah. He is (quite obviously) the star of this blog. I am not going to apologize for it because I want to keep an accurate record of his childhood for our family's sake. Although, I do try to give is a Mama C twist that will keep you coming back. I have a weird sense of humor. Every so often you will find I'll write about something else, but for the most part it is all about our little Confident family and the goings on at Casa Confident.

The name of the blog "Confident Until Completion" simply comes from one of my favorite verses of the Bible, Philippians 1:6. It is our jobs as Christians in this world to be confident of ourselves in Christ. So there ya go. Confident Until Completion became our blog title, quickly followed by the aliases of Mr. & Mr. Confident, and the Casa Confident. Aren't we creative? Um, yeah. Not really.Plus one of my friends gave me those names anyway.

I am a public school teacher six months removed from grad school, and I'm about to begin my eleventh year teaching.  I write under the "alias" of Mama C simply because I don't wish for this blog to be google-able. I don't mind if you land on our blog through Google. I just don't necessarily want all my students googling their teacher. I'm not afraid of my name, and if you follow me on Twitter you'll see it.

My husband is in school for various things, works crazy shifts, and in the fall will be staying home with our baby while I work. Yes, we are that modern American family. Look out, Mrs. Beaver.

Hope you enjoy our blog! Keep coming back, follow us, and come say hi on Twitter @confidentblog