Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Operation crib. Night 2.

Thankfully, last night went much better than the first night Micah attempted to sleep in his crib. I think I mainly spent that night waking up with fussy pants every hour or so and putting him back down. Last night, I had high hopes of keeping him up until eleven so we could get back on our dream schedule. It seems like a dream that he was actually doing that now, but I am confident we'll get back there.

Anyway, last night was better, but I could tell he was super duper hungry at 9:30. So I fed him. Which means he was in bed by 10:00, but I really prefer to be feeding him at that time so he gets to go down between 10:30-11. However, he drifted off into a blissful sleep and didn't awake until 1:45 AM. I got close to 4 hours that stretch and then he woke up at 4:45 AM. So he is doing better, but he is still stubborn with that 6:30 AM wake time! I don't care if I lay him back down, he will wake up by 6:30 on the dot hungry. We held off eating until 6:45 (so it was at least 2 hours between eating), but I don't know why he wakes up at that stupid time. Oh, well. I think that I can't complain about last night since he forgo waking every hour to hour and a half. We're still not back to his 11-6 wake up once schedule, but we're getting closer. Surely after he gets used to the crib it will space out again. I have to admit, he's done well considering he is no longer relying on the vibrating bassinet anymore either to help him sleep. Progress is being made, so we'll see how tonight goes!

Hopefully, I'm not boring you with crib talk! Haha! Oh, well. I started this portion of my blog more as a family recording than anything, and these are the things I will most definitely forget twenty years from now.

Check back later! Since I'm talking cribs, I realized I never did a blog post with Micah's finished nursery! I'll have the complete tour for you later on today or tomorrow.


  1. Babies usually hit a pretty significant growth spurt around 6 weeks. It may be that he's extra hungry right now because he's growing so fast. Once he gets past that he may go back to sleeping through the night again. I remember when Ginny was about that age feeling like I was doing nothing but nursing all day and all night. It'll pass!

  2. Yeah, he may be going through a growth spurt. I also had some friend suggest that maybe he felt the crib was "too big" because some babies like things small--like the womb? Not sure, but he did much better last night. We'll see!