Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Micah's actual birthday.

On Micah's actual birthday, I took the day off. I decided I wanted to spend his special day with him, and I also scheduled several doctors' appointments. I know that is kind of a bummer on a birthday, but I was trying to make use of my day off!

We started the day with a dip in the bathtub to get ready. I was going to post the picture, but I don't want his little private parts showing. So I took it down. His bath was followed by a visit to doctor's office number 1. This was the big one year check up, and he's doing great! A few of the stats we learned were:

Height 30 inches, 65%
Weight 20 lb, 12 oz, 25%
Head circumference was the 35%

Micah was weighed.

He got very upset about his shots. He tried to run away.

These pics are out of order a little bit. I had the sweet nurse take a picture of us before the shots started since Daddy was still at work.

After it was all over, I comforted him with some Puffs. Man! He loves those things!

Once Daddy got off work, we went to Sam's for a few errands and to eat a birthday lunch.
Mommy with Micah at Sam's.

After that, Daddy took Micah home to get his nap while I headed to pick up my new specks.
Then I went to Target to pick up a bunch of supplies for Micah's big party.

After that, it was time to head back to pick up my boys. Micah had surgery this past summer, so we had another post-op check with his doctor in the afternoon.

After the last doctor's appointment, we headed towards Mississippi to meet Micah's grandparents for a birthday dinner at Cracker Barrel.
The waitresses sang Happy Birthday! to him.
He got a free chocolate brownie and some ice cream. I didn't let Grandmommy feed him too much of it. Still trying to keep him away from the sweets!
Micah's first birthday was a real success!
We had a long, fun, and busy day.
His first birthday present was a set of Mickey Mouse cups and bowls from his grandparents.
It was a super fun day!

Happy birthday,Micah!

No time for a long post now, but thanks to the iPhone I can quickly post. I took the day off to spend with little man and Daddy. Happy birthday, Micah!!!!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

My first iPhone blog post.

Mr. C is the best!! Even after eight years, this guy can still surprise me. Today he showed up at work with the baby!! Oh it was such a sweet surprise to see my cutie! I mean that would have been plenty for the day.

Long story short, his phone was stolen last week. So I knew he needed to buy a new phone, and he's been looking at phones for a week. Our cell phone provider just got the iPhone, and I was telling him how much I wanted an iPod or iPhone for Christmas a couple of weeks back. Our first year married he bought me a Nano. That was seven years ago, and it has about seen its last days. It won't even hold a charge anymore.

Well, as we talked about phones, I said something about getting me the new iPhone in lieu of another iPod for Christmas. Each time he'd say, "Well...we'll replace mine now and wait to upgrade yours in six months." I agreed, and I didn't think anything of it when he came to work and asked to have mine to get the serial number off it today. He is such a liar, and I am dumb and gullible. I gave him my phone only to come home to an iPhone surprise after work!!! Yup, I finally entered 2011. So thought I would try an iPhone post tonight via my Blogger app! What a great day! Snow, baby surprise visit at work, and a new phone in one day. What a sweet hubs I have!!!

And of course, I had to leave you with a sweet picture of my precious little man. Taken on the iPhone, of course, with my new Instagram app. =)

Micah and the snow.

Last night we had a very rare November snowfall. It didn't result in any major accumulation. We aren't getting out of school today. (Boo for teachers. Love a free day off!) However, I still wanted to document the first snow of the season bloggy style.

This morning Micah and I headed to the school doctor's office for my sinus infection. (One of our perks is free health care center for I like to take advantage.) I am blogging away in here so thought I would share this pic. Have a happy Tuesday!
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Update: I had a few more pictures to add that I couldn't blog from the health clinic, so I thought I'd come back and revise the post a little. I was the bad mommy who took my child outside for his picture with no hat on, damp hair, and no gloves. I figured it wouldn't kill him to be there for 30 seconds. It didn't.
Standing at the table unsure what to think of the cold stuff he was touching and that was falling out of the sky.
The snow was actually falling while I was taking these pics, and he just stared at it. He wasn't sure how to take it really.
Our rooftop shows how much snow there was before it all melted overnight. We got about an inch to an inch and a half of snow.
To prove I am not a horrible mom, I did bundle him up all nice and warm to go to the doctor's office. See? I'm not a terrible person, I promise.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Woodland birthday party prep.

So I've been off since last Tuesday afternoon, and I've been in holiday/birthday prep mode. I've found some awesome Pinsperation for Micah's woodland themed birthday party coming up this Saturday. I've got an entire board dedicated to the theme on Pinterest, and as you know I've been a little obsessed with all things woodland since I decided that would be the theme for his nursery. To this day, this post is the most read on my blog. So I guess there are some other lovers of all things woodland out there, too? Y'all never comment, but you frequently hit me from Google searches, so I know you are out there! Well, keep reading because I have a few more things and links I've found online if you'd like to use them.

At any rate, as a working mom, I've got a lot on my plate to clean the house, prep for the party, and work full time. I've got a list a mile long of things I want to do, but I'm not sure which of the things on my party list are going to actually come to fruition by Saturday. I guess we'll see.

Here are a few of the things that I have gotten accomplished while I've been off this weekend for Thanksgiving.

Several weeks ago on a recent girls' night out, I went to a place called Paint-a-Piece. I designed and made Micah's plate there while hanging out with my MOPS buddies! You design the object, they fire the painted piece, and you come pick it up. I'm pretty happy with how it all turned out.

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I started and made Micah's birthday banner. I found this set of free printables online that included a birthday banner. I printed them out in black and white to use as a template for my own creation.

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See, I found some incredible scrapbooking paper packages at Target for $1 in the Dollar Spot that was woodland themed with owls, trees, and fall leaves. I decided I wanted to tie his theme in somehow with this scrapbooking paper. This seemed like a simple solution.

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It was a little time consuming, but I'm a former scrapper and teacher so I enjoyed myself.

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This was the end result which I should probably go buy string, hole punch, and hang it properly.
Instead, I taped it to the wall. This was easier for me, and I am already one step closer to being decorated by Saturday morning!

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Then I found this link on Pinterest to wonderful spring inspired scrapbook paper tree centerpieces. I thought that would make a wonderful centerpiece on the buffet table for Micah's party this coming weekend so I went to read their tutorial.

Let me tell you, I loved the picture of their scrap book paper tree. However, they did it the hard way. I mean, they made templates. They traced perfect leaves. They used floral wire. That's not what I did in my version.

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I cut leaves in various sizes freehand and glue gunned them to the tree branches that I got from my yard. It was so much faster than their method. I think it took me an hour? This was another way to tie in the owl scrapbook paper from the birthday banner. I like how it turned out, but I might be partial. Haha! To further coordinate with the owls (since I can't seem to find any birthday plates or balloons in the stores or online with anything other than owls), I ordered these plates online, along with matching cups & balloons.

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My last project for the night is tackling these owl goodie bags for the kiddos out of some other scrapbooking paper and clear bags from Dollar Tree. What do ya think? Does it look like an owl?

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Anyway, that's where I am on the party process for now. I'm hoping that everything on my magical list actually gets accomplished. And now maybe I gave you some more inspiration for your own woodland themed birthday party!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Happy Birthday, Abbey!

Today, Micah & I went to Target to birthday shop for Abbey, and then we headed south to Mississippi for the birthday bash. You might recall "meeting" Abbey here or here. She's Micah's very first friend since she was born the day before Micah at the same hospital a year ago this week.

Here we are driving down to Mississippi (about an hour south) for the birthday party. It was a beautiful day today! Pretty outside! Great temps!

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Why does time fly by so fast??

I attempted to take pictures with my actual camera. I left the hubs' mega camera at home since it is a chore to lug around, but my camera wouldn't work! So I was left taking lots of iPhone pics with my Android. Haha! One day, I'll get the iPhone. One day. At any rate, excuse the picture quality because I wanted to take some pictures of something. Most of the pictures came out horrible, and maybe if I took some time to edit them into some funky colors in Picnik they wouldn't look quite as bad. However, I just edited this one...

I consider this a good pic because the mommies are looking and the babies are also looking in the same direction!
L to R:
Micah, me, Amanda, Abbey

Amanda made the cutest little "Mickey's Mouse Clubhouse" out of a baby gate and a sheet complete with a Welcome sign! It was so cute, and it was such a hit with the kiddos! Micah had a ball crawling in and out and in and out.

Here is is with Jett. Jett is Amanda's sister Becca's second son.

I've known Becca since she was in seventh grade.
Cue the Oldies music!

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Then I tried my 47 attempts to take pictures of Abbey with Micah looking at the camera.
This was a bit unsuccessful.
(Abbey on the left crawling away and Micah on the right.)

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Micah was into everything. He wanted to play in the barstools.

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He wanted to play with the doggies.
(Micah on the left, Abbey on the far right.)

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Micah and Mommy at a moment when he'd actually let me hold him. I'm telling you, he's on the move these days!

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Amanda helping Abbey open up her many gifts!

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Minnie Mouse was so cute in her pink princess chair.

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Micah all up in the gifts. He really thought it was his birthday, I think.
Not really, he just wanted to rip out all the tissue paper.

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Amanda & Abbey
Attempt #34 to get some decent picture of Abbey with Micah.
Abbey at the front, Micah at the back.

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Abbey enjoying her cupcake that was made by her mommy (Amanda).

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After a fun time down in Mississippi, it was time to head home since it was getting dark and rain was coming in from the west. We had a great time! Amanda, you did an excellent job with the party planning and decorations!

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Happy Birthday, Abbey! I hope we get to continue to watch you grow and change as the years go by!!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving #2. And time with friends!

For Thanksgiving Day, we went down to Mississippi to spend some time with Mr. C's family. I feel like I should write this really long cliche post about all the things that I am grateful for this year. I feel like I could write a book for all the wonderful things in my life, so I'll just keep it short & sweet and show you the pictures.

I am definitely so thankful for this little sweet family of mine.
I love these two more than words could ever explain.

I'm also extremely thankful for my in-laws.

Micah's sweet Grandmommy drives up one hour from Mississippi once a week to help us take care of Micah and give Daddy a long rest. (The day she comes up is usually a day that my husband will catch up on his sleep.)

I'm also so thankful for my healthy, curious, vibrant child.
(Micah's thankful for bubble wrap.)

(Micah's also thankful for boxes!)

And although I don't have any pictures of it, I'm also thankful for sweet friends like Summer. The night after Thanksgiving, we got to spend some time with the sweet Deepe family visiting from Cincinnati, Ohio. We went to eat dinner, played with her boys, the husbands talked career, and it was a great time had by all! We were so bad not to photograph it! (So you'll have to enjoy another cute box picture of Micah instead.) Our other college friend Julie also came by to say hello, and it was great to see her. I'm definitely thankful for old friends. After our dinner, Summer took her babies back to the grandparents to get them asleep while I took my little one home to get him asleep. We both met back up at Starbucks childless to continue to enjoy some one on one girl time at Starbucks! It was so much fun to catch up with my sweet college friend (and the reason I met my husband!!) over this great long weekend.

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving, too!!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thanksgiving Day #1

For many years, Mr. C and I spent Thanksgiving Day driving back and forth between Mississippi and Tennessee in one massively long turkey day. A few years back we decided to do my family's Thanksgiving on Wednesday, and we do my husband's family Thanksgiving on Thursday. This has worked out really well so we aren't driving so far, and we aren't feeling quite so rushed. This was especially true of this year's Baby's First Thanksgiving festivities.

We arrived at my mom & dad's house pretty early to help out with the cooking after a shopping trip to Target for some necessities. Micah sported his first Thanksgiving gear.
We played with puzzles...

We attempted to take pictures of the kids...
Some turned out better than others...
(Aunt KerKer with Micah & Ebin)
We did some baking and making homemade icing...
Everybody wanted to help. (Notice my little sidekick in the front of the picture.)
The kids played with Tupperware (Micah's favorite these days).

Ebin decided to use his as a hat.
So we tried to share the love with Micah.
Papa got in some much needed grandfather time with Micah.
Micah got some much needed suck his fingers time.
I made these delish chocolate creations which included my first attempt at chocolate buttercream icing.
My sister used outside inspirations for our table centerpiece.
I attempted to take a picture of Micah in his cute embroidered shirt. (Thanks, KayKay!)
This was the best picture I could get...geez!
Then my sister and I attempted Thanksgiving 2011 pictures of the boys.

Here's how it went down.
Micah was climbing up the stairs. Ebin wanted no part of our picture taking.
Gotta love kids!
So we tried to do it by the fireplace.
Micah kept cruising, and Ebin wouldn't look at us.
Micah crawled away. Ebin demonstrated his funny habit of "copying" his cousin by sucking his two fingers.
My, oh my. We probably won't have a good picture of these two for a few years. Haha!
Finally, we plopped them in Papa's rocker where we got this jewel of a photo.

Mission halfway accomplished!
Then Ebin talked his uncle into some more puzzle time.
We paused for a moment to take this family of three--I mean, four if you include the baby--picture. Yes, my sister is pregnant!! Yay!
The boys watched football a whole lot. And they watched a couponing show marathon, too. (Sshhh, I didn't tell you that.)
The desert table.
The cooks. (Well, I baked desert, so I'm not sure I should count as a cook.)
Ebin modeled his Indian headwear (very shyly).
Then Micah demonstrated it, too as he slept in the swing.
We took a family photo that left out a baby (in the swing) and my brother (in his rocking chair) and Ebs refused to look again.
Here's our little family after forty takes--this is the best of Micah.
Mommy & Micah
Micah had his first Thanksgiving dinner of green beans, ham, and I can't remember what else.
I'm not sure he really liked it.
Ebin tried to force feed Micah. As you can imagine, this did not go over very well from Micah's point of view. Ebs got mad because, "Micah won't eat it! He won't eat it!"

Well, I guess he doesn't like having food shoved into his mouth. =)
Daddy/Papa fed Dale his Thanksgiving meal.
Mama/KayKay played with the boys.
The boys played with their favorite thing--trucks!
Man, do they love some truck playing time!
Micah now seems to prefer "big boy" toys thanks to playing so much with his cousin.
Ebin made this funny face (for who knows what reason)!
Micah was all smiles as he pushed his toy truck around the kitchen.
The boys continued to watch football, the History channel, and that extreme couponing marathon.
I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family!! I know we did!