Saturday, January 28, 2012

Sunday and a weekend recap.

So this past weekend came and went in a flash as always. I'm trying to do my best to at least document Sundays because I love the idea of watching Micah grow weekly through a picture of us all dressed up. Although sometimes picture taking on Sunday mornings turns out more like this since somebody is ready to run these days!
This weekend was actually more fun that most since I had a girls' night out on Friday night! That's right, blog readers. I actually went to the movies with my MOPS group and out to Starbucks afterwards. In fact, I didn't get home until 11:30 because the baristas ran us out of the store. (Ok, not really, but we were there until 11 PM talking.) I love my MOPS group!

Another wonderful picture that just represents life these days. Micah interested in everything around him!
Saturday was a wonderful day with much needed Mommy & Micah time. Micah has started bringing books to you so that you can read to him, and he chose Mary and the Empty Tomb about fifteen times on Saturday. He says, "Dis?" to you, and let's just say that Mommy does not mind reading the ressurection story multiple times while a small toddler actually sits down to curl up with her!
In other news, it was a big day for Mommy, Daddy, & Micah. We officially gave the ok (love that I had some choice in it) to have Micah moved up into the "big boy" room. He is officially a toddler running around with his little "friends" at church. It breaks my heart while simultaneously causing me to have a heart filled with pride.

We also hit the fourteen month old milestone this weekend.


Where has all that time gone?

Let me also point out the PERFECT picture of everyone looking at the camera with no fingers and all smiles. But. My flash was off.

I wasn't ill after that happened before going to God's house, I promise.
(Ok, maybe I was a little mad.)
At any rate, it is so hard for me to believe that Micah (not looking in the picture with the flash of course) is so old! I really love the boy he is becoming, but sometimes I look over at him. Then my breath completely leaves me because I think, "Who is that cute little boy?"

Little boy.

I know it only gets worse.
At any rate, we enjoyed our weekend immensely, and Mommy is looking forward to another few days of uninterrupted time with her handsome boys!
Here's to another weekend getting here very soon!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Dreary multitasking.

It's another iPhone post! I know you are so disappointed because my picture quality as of late has been lacking. Sometimes in the middle of a busy week, it is too hard to get out that "nice" camera when my phone is right beside me. Add to the fact that I can mobile blog with an app on my phone?? Kind of hard to beat.

This week started out like this, and it has stayed like this. We escaped some tornadoes over the weekend (thankfully), but it has been pretty dreary around here. I'm kind of over the rain, and my kids really need to get outside for recess! This teacher is climbing the walls of her little classroom!

I've enjoyed a lot of fun time with Micah at night, though. We skipped church last night because he was soooo tired. He's been on a napping strike (according to his daddy). We're not really sure why, but his naps have been few and far between. This stinks because when Mommy comes home he is tuckered out from not sleeping leaving me about 2 hours of play time before bed.

Lately, he is loving his milk and this keyboard we've given to him. (Please don't judge our Christmas tree box STILL in our living room and toys scattered about.)

Speaking of which, this kid loves his milk. Is it possible he is drinking too much milk? When do you introduce water to their diet, exactly? He's just going through a gallon every two days or so. Is that insane? Or do I just have a calcium fortified child?

Anyway, obviously this is the same picture of him playing with his little keyboard. Does it stop him from wanting to play with Mommy's real keyboard? Um, no.
Speaking of which, or not...I'm way off topic, but at work we are in the process of having "drop in" evaluations. I'm about to kill myself trying to be the best teacher in the world all day long waiting for my principal to come. It's about to kill me. Pray I can make it, and pray these evaluations come sooner rather than later!
On another note, I'm going out to see a movie tomorrow night!! With some friends! I'm so excited to get out of the house to do something fun that isn't work. I hope you have a great weekend!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Our weekend.

Our weekend was pretty dull and boring. Friday night we went to visit with my parents and ended up eating dinner with almost the whole family. My sister came to pick up my nephew, but she stayed for dinner, too. The boys (Ebin & Micah) played together, and it is so much fun to see those little cousins enjoying each other. I pray they both grow up to be best buds!

Daddy slept all day Saturday (as usual) to recuperate from his long week of working night shift followed by watching a baby. So Micah and I spent a lot of time playing together on Saturday. This is pretty much our Saturday routine, and I love all my Micah time. However, I do miss seeing Daddy, but he needs his rest so I understand.

After Daddy had rested, we met a couple friend at Gibson's for some donuts. Then we headed back to their house for some coffee and conversation. Micah had previously been asleep in the car, but woke up to play with everyone until around ten when we left. It was a crazy night for that guy! Three hours past his bedtime.
Today, we went to church, and I made Mr. C pose with Micah before we left. I have several friends that I see do this on their blogs--make a Sunday picture almost weekly. I love the idea because some weekends (like this one) are just boring and full of living life so there aren't many pictures to go along with grocery shopping. =) I just love how handsome my boys are and we were actually running early for church. It was a miracle. So we celebrated by taking a picture with Daddy.
The rest of the afternoon was spent at the grocery store, cleaning (minimal), laying around the house, trying to catch up on blogging some, and getting ready for MOPS. If you are unfamiliar with MOPS, it stands for Mothers Of PreSchoolers. It's a bi-monthly meeting with other moms of young children as we read & discuss books (Biblically based parenting), craft, talk, and just fellowship. It is so wonderful, and I am enjoying these lovely ladies. Our MOPS group actually meets on the weekend before church (two Sundays a month) so I'm actually able to attend! I don't know if the other ladies know how much that means to me. I hope they never change the time so I can always go! We enjoy a mom's night out once a month, and they also do a kid's day out (we can't attend obviously) for the SAHMs. Good times!

Well, bad weather is coming in this evening so I hope everything stays ok. I always hate tornado weather. It is scary! Have a great week!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Friday brain dump.

So over at Heir to Blair's blog there is a "Friday Brain Dump" link up. This made me laugh because: #1 I'm doing it on a Saturday.
#2 I feel with my random blogging that a brain dump might be good to get some content on this blog. Ok, it isn't that bad, but it is nice to sit down and write a "proper" post.

So here goes. I'll try to keep it short and sweet.

  • Teaching right now is about to drive me insane. It's not the kids. It's not my bosses. It's not my school. All of the above are AWESOME! I've had the privilege to pretty much only work for awesome bosses at awesome schools. I'm not exaggerating. My husband always shakes his head and says, "You know how good you have it, right?" about my work background. Yes, yes I do. It's the politicians and all the stuff they keep adding to teaching. They are driving me nuts!
  • God is trying to get my mind to slow down. I have a hard time with one day at a time. I keep trying to think over verses from Matthew 6:25-35, ESV (v25) "Therefore I tell you, do not be anxious about your life, what you will eat or what you will drink, nor what you will put on. Is life not more than clothing?...(v34) Do not be anxious about tomorrow, for tomorrow will be anxious for itself. Sufficient for the day is its own trouble."
  • Micah is so big it makes my heart hurt. Last night he was running around after his three year old cousin, and all I could think is, "Look at him running. He's running. Sheesh."
  • I'm very, very excited to be starting my next Jean Stockdale Bible study! I love my Beth Moore Bible studies, I do, but they are sooooooo looooong. Not that there is anything wrong with that. However, Jean's Bible studies come out of her MOMS ministry at Bellevue Baptist. When I was on maternity leave all last year, I got to do the Bible study and sit under her teaching. Amazing! I'm hoping to follow along again via podcast/video as I try to keep up with my friends. This semester's study is James.
  • I'd love to find other working moms to make a home group to do this Bible study together. (SAHM welcome, too, but you guys can actually just GO to the church if you want to hear Jean each week with free childcare.) Heck, a virtual Bible study would be awesome, too! I just started, but if anyone wants me at confidentuntilcompletion at gmail dot com.
  • I have the best job in the world between my son and my kids. They (my kids) say the craziest things that crack me up. My son is trying to say things that crack me up.
  • My voice is going away which means that next week will be long without a voice. Hoping to conserve it this weekend if possible.
  • Ever since pregnancy my joints are like an 89 year old. My knees kill me by the end of the day. Do I have arthritis? I might need to make a doctor's appointment.
  • This is my first year in second grade, and the second semester is amazing me at how much the kids have grown!! They are much more independent, and my job feels easier this nine weeks. However, the attitude has been ramped up just a bit, too. Perhaps they are approaching "big" third graders?
  • My son slept until 8:15 this morning! Hollah! =)
  • I'm thankful for my friend Tami who bought me a book and brings me notes from MOMS.
  • This weekend I WILL finish the last of the Christmas posts and New Year's post so I can get that blog book made!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Get your priorities straight.

Apparently, Micah's priorities are pretty clear at this point. He loves his fingers, his ball, his milk, and his truck. I'm telling you that little guy is all boy! Lately, he's running and screaming as he tears around the corner pushing that truck. He will only pause for a brief second to take a swig of milk followed by more truck running. I've loved all his stages, but there is something amazing about playing with him and watching his personality emerge. This week he has started full out running to me and hugging my legs when he sees me. It is the most precious thing!!

Sorry for so many posts with iPhone pics, but I have to say this makes blogging so much easier!

For the word update:

Nursery workers swear he kept saying nigh-nigh when he was sleepy at church. I also think I've heard it, though not frequently.

He's dropped CopCop in favor of puppy.

Sometimes he brings me things , and I think he is saying, "this?" as a question.

He also says baby, but I'm not sure he is using it right.

So there ya go! Blog update via phone.

Bed head.

Sometimes you just have to document the bed head.

It's chili night at Casa Confident.

Somebody enjoyed some chili with his parents on a cold winter's night. Needless to say he made a complete mess. His "foot rest" stood by ready to pounce on any wayward food. He went straight into the bathtub, but he loves his daddy's chili!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Lately. iPhone picture update.

I have been a horrible blogger lately! Quite honestly, I love having my blog. Looking back, I can remember so many specific things because I wrote it down. That's my only motivation for this blogging because my New Year's Resolution actually revolves around more manageable goals instead of crazy impossible things that will never happen. Sometimes blogging takes a back seat. And I think that is ok.

I've spent a lot of my extra time the past couple of weeks organizing, keeping caught up with laundry and household chores, and really investing in my quiet time. Those are what have kept me busy when I'm not playing with my family. In fact, I've tried to be better about staying off Facebook and wasting time on the internet. It really can be a time sucker. At any rate, what have we been up to lately? I still have a Christmas (I know, I know) catch up post and a New Year's post (I know, I know), but at least this post will give me one "catch all" for all these iPhone pics that don't really belong anywhere!

Well, Micah is officially completely a walker by now. He's extremely gifted at it, and I don't see him crawl anymore. His newfound freedom means that he is into anything and everything! I love this bookshelf he got for Christmas (from Target, of course!) because he can get whatever he wants himself. Just wait until we're old enough to understand how to "clean up" by ourself. Can't wait for that day! =)
He is also a blur. This is what most of my pictures of the little guy look like. I'm telling you, he's on the move!
We've also been spending a lot of our evenings on the patio enjoying the nice weather and the fire pit Mr. C got for Christmas from his parents. Nothing beats a good s'more on the open flame, does it? Of course, Micah joins us, too, but he only lasts about 15 minutes in our laps before he decides he must try to get into the fire pit.
Super squirmy thing often ends up inside that door looking out from the kitchen at the magic of the s'mores. Please don't mind the smoke. The wind shifted mid picture, and we moved the baby out of harm's way.
Somehow these pictures got terribly out of order, and I'm too lazy to figure it out. So sorry!
I got twelve inches cut off my hair, too! I donated it to Locks for Love, and I'm happy with the cut.

Here's the before:
Here's the after. That's a whole lot of hair.
Here's the finished project once it has been straightened nicely. Although, I can't get it to look as good as she did that day.
I've been going to a MOPS group all last fall semester, and our group meets at my church on Sunday afternoons twice a month. It has been nice to meet some other SAHM and working moms. We've got a very diverse group that includes some single moms, too! The more the merrier! I made these delightful pizza bites last week to take as my shared appetizer. They were a hit!
I was home one day last week with Micah because he was sick, and it snowed briefly!
Mr. C & I continued on our quest to raise Micah right. When you live in Memphis that includes eating barbeque from various restaurants. Our choice after church was Central BBQ. I had this huge plate of barbeque nachos. I shared it with Micah, and he liked it! He also likes Mexican food and Chinese food. You know, the essentials.
Here are some more pictures from our night out with the fire pit.
Mommy and Micah. I have no idea what he's pointing to, but it is probably the dogs.

Micah's now officially moved up from his old sippy cup (with the squishy nipple top) to a hard topped sippy cup. It took a couple of days for him to figure it out, but he is doing well! More importantly, he can't "paint" with milk all over the house with this sippy cup like his old sippy cup.
So that is about it for us. What have you been up to?

Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year's Day 2012.

We did absolutely nothing on New Year's Day, and it was wonderful!! We sat around and relaxed. My best friend Sara had been in town for a week, and we kept saying, "We need to take a picture of you and Micah. We need to take a picture of you with Micah."

Because last year when she was in town (she gets here once a year sometimes more) and Micah was a newborn I didn't take a picture of her holding him!!

It's one of my regrets picture wise.
So here is Micah with his "Aunt Sara" who I hope he will come to love as much as I love her.
We met in first grade! Now I need to get a picture of her twin sister Beth with Micah, too!
Mr. C's specific instructions for this picture were, "Take it waist up so my pajama pants don't show." (I was too lazy to change into jeans so I was wearing a "nice" shirt hoping to fake the picture.)

Well, you see what happened.

"Aunt Sara", Micah, and Mommy
Try #2, but Micah wasn't looking and my pjs are still showing. Oh, well. At least I have one picture of Sara with Micah!
Happy New Year!!