Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Life is just as it should be.

Sometimes I feel like my blog is a bit on life support. I enjoy writing. I love it, actually. However, we have been so consumed with living life that I haven't taken the time to write about life. Kind of ironic. I keep pushing forward trying to stay caught up, but the move has left me a bit out of sorts about blogging. We finally found our computer (let's be honest, it wasn't lost...but I just got it set up) and moved the desk over to the house since it was used as staging at our old house. Finally, I have some internet access that isn't an iPad in the evening. It's not easy to blog on an iPad. I guess I could, but Siri usually messes up my words.

Micah cleaning with Mommy one night last week.

Here's a confession. We didn't do Easter. Like, at all. I haven't even given him his Easter basket yet. Part of it was because I was in the hospital with an infected toe (see below). Part of it was because my son was super sick. We went to the grandparents' houses, but Micah never did see his Easter outfit. I'm determined to try this Sunday to dress us all up and take our fake Easter pics.

Nothing says Easter fun like stubbing your toe, getting a staph infection, and ending up at the emergency room as the staph decides to move up your foot!

We have been enjoying some great "date nights" in front of our fire pit out back after Micah's asleep. 

Then there is teaching. I'm slowly taking my classroom back from my student teacher. It's been a very long year. I have grown a lot professionally by taking on a student teacher, but it has been interesting. There have been a lot of moments of butting heads and disorganization. I am ready to have my room back, and that is all I will say lest she stumble upon my blog. Basically, I think it just came down to two different teaching styles and personalities. Ours just don't mesh. Sometimes that happens, and I wish her the best. I'm ready to be teaching with just my kids again, though! It's been frustrating.

Thankfully, I have a comedy show just around the corner when I get home from work! Micah hates to be wet (from the water hose) so he "stripped" down in the backyard the other night.

There is also a lot of unrest in my job. Not my job, per say, but our profession. (I mean, I guess it could be my job, but at this isn't.)  The first person was "let go" yesterday in a series of people who are losing their jobs for this coming fall. It was absolutely the saddest thing ever. I don't even know what else to say about that. More layoffs are coming due to a budget shortage and cuts coming from a newly merged district. Prayers are going up for my fellow members of the educational profession in the Memphis area. It's tough out there! Until then, I'm just heartbroken over everything going on.

Sometimes it is just easier to let your child play naked in their own backyard. Nothing completes a diaper ensemble quite like tennis shoes.

Overall, nothing is really wrong in my own personal life. I keep reading about my friend Will, and I can't find any reason to complain. There is absolutely no reason. I am alive. I walk each day as a new day. I'm healthy. I am optimistic about the future, and I'm so excited to see what God has planned for our lives. He's written our story so much better than I could have ever planned it myself!! I know not to take each day for granted. So amongst the teaching, job unrest, problems with my student teacher, and a crazy schedule...I am at rest. I'm at peace. I am thankful to a Father who has given me more than I could ever deserve.

That night over a week ago, I lay in the hospital bed above thinking about so many things. About life. About my friend Will. About the choices that God puts in front of us. About the many different ways my life could have gone this far but hasn't. I did a lot of deep thinking. The reality was this: my life is moving forward. It's not perfect. It is full of trials. However, I am so thankful that I am alive and walking around. I'm not even going to let a staph infected toe with a hospital visit get me down! Bottom line--the toe healed. I'm fine now.

What more could a gal want anyway? I have my family, my husband, and this cutie diapered bootie to come home to every day. Life is just as it should be.