Monday, September 30, 2013

Big news so it is time to get back to the blog.

One minute, you are writing this post at the beginning of summer completely overwhelmed with grief at the loss of your little baby. It's a surreal feeling, and you aren't really sure quite how to act, what to say, and faith seems to fail you. go quiet. I went quiet for a long, long time.

I needed some peace. I needed some time alone with my husband, my son, and my thoughts.

A lot happened in since then. A whole lot. Sometimes life takes you by surprise, and well...imagine our SHOCK to discover I was pregnant in August! Yes, utter shock! Naturally, I have kept extremely quiet about this new life event unsure how on earth one person gets pregnant not once but twice in such a short amount of time. That, in itself, is a miracle, but suddenly we are at 12-14 weeks. It is becoming apparent (as my belly sticks out and the morning sickness won't evade me) maybe (?) this baby will be a part of our world this April.

There is so much to catch up on, and I'm sure I have all but one reader left. I'll be ready to announce on Facebook after one final doctor appointment next week. Please pray for us! I'm a nervous wreck, but the Lord has a plan. And obviously, I do not understand his timing (although I'm very thankful).