Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Stop & smell the roses. {Vlog 4.}

Today, I've actually planned ahead and recorded my vlog early! I've scheduled this post, and the vlog is a little "old" since I recorded it while we were on vacation which you can read more about here. I can't wait to watch your blogs overs at the link up! Take time to stop & smell the roses this week! =)

Stop and Smell the Roses


  1. That looks so relaxing!! Now I'm dreaming of a cabin and a park! :) Micah is totally cute! YAY for family time!

  2. What a nice, relaxing getaway with the fam! So great you guys got to have that time together! And, I was so excited to see another Tennessean!! I miss living in the South so much!

    The app you asked me about is the iMovie app for the iPhone. My husband and I are usually pretty big sticklers about not paying for apps, but we paid the $4.99 for this one and it definitely came in handy this week! If you think it's something you might get good use out of it's probably worth it.

    Thanks for your kind words and for stopping by my blog today! :)