Tuesday, August 30, 2011

It's two days away from September. Yeah, I know.

So, at first I started wondering what happened to my blog? I mean, I kind of stopped. Unexpectedly. Rather suddenly. I just became silent.

In fact, I last blogged on July 28, 2011.

It is now August 30, 2011.



Well, I am going to go back and "post date" or maybe "pre-date" some blog posts adding in several picture of our month of July and August. I can't let Micah's life slip away like that. But until I have some time to blog with actual pictures, I thought a bullet point/list post would be the best thing to do. To get me out of my blog slump. And maybe bring back the 3 followers that left. Or maybe not.

1. My life as a SAHM came abruptly to an end on August 1st as I was thrust back into the world of the career woman.

Is teaching really a career? I know the answer is yes, but when I come home covered in glue and Vis-a-Vis marker and my counterpart working moms come home in Monolo pumps and fancy suits I really wonder if "career woman" is the term I should use. Lady Who Stand in Front of Seven Year Olds Singing Silly Songs as We Learn About Gravitational Pull of the Sun fits me a little better.

Come to think of it, I'm just a mom to other people's kids. After I say, "No, don't hit _______. Keep objects to YOURSELF. Is that Cheeto an OBJECT? Yes, I think it is," all day...I feel more like a mom. Less like a teacher. Especially now that I am an actual Mom.

2. I have now entered Little People Land AKA the land of being a second grade teacher. I have been a fourth grade teacher for nine years, and I actually majored in Learning FOUNDATIONS with a minor in K-2. I have never used my actual degree. I've always wanted to be in Little People Land, but I've never had the chance. I'm LOVING being a second grade teacher!! Oh my goodness!! So much fun!

3. I spend my nights after my son and husband have gone to bed watching Melrose Place and writing lesson plans. Because Netflix is THE best invention ever, and Heather Locklear is just better in 1996 with cheesy synthesizer music.

4. Being a working mom is the hardest thing I've ever had to do. I miss my SAHM status, but with this economy I have to be thankful to have a great job at a wonderful school. Seriously, I can only be thankful despite my feelings on working full time.

5. Micah fills his days with time with grandmas and his daddy. My hubs is the awesome one who comes home after working all night and watches our son. I'm so lucky to have my precious little one surrounded by his family. I'm also so blessed to have a husband who wants to spend so much time with his family.

6. My first month of school has been obviously very busy. Thus my lack of correct punctuation or blog posts.

7. Did I mention how exhausted I am?

8. I'm super proud of myself, though. I got a raise for my Master's degree. I mean, looking back on last year--how did I work full time, carry a baby, and go to grad school full time? I mean, that is just Rock Star material right there, my friends.

9. I love teaching second grade. LOVE IT. So if I'm going to have to work, might as well do what I love, right?

10. Micah turns NINE stinkin' months old today!!! Ahhhhh! Time flies, and I will post that post very soon.

G'night, all! Welcome back to our little world. Hope you are doing great!

Nine months old.

I'm now nine months old. It is so hard to believe that time flies by this fast!
I'm too busy of a bee to sit in my chair for pictures anymore. I'm into everything! So Mommy took pictures of me doing what I do best!

I pull up on everything nowadays. I can't help it, but I just want to climb.
This was the month I (finally) started to pull up unassisted.
If you let me, I try to feed myself. Usually Mommy or Daddy just feeds me because I make such a mess, but I can do it!
I loooooooove Puffs. They are my favorite things. I even figured out how to get them out of the diaper bag by myself this month. (More pics of those later.)
As you can see, I have four teeth! These all came in this month. I have the two bottom teeth, and I have the two top teeth. I can take a big bite out of you if I need to. I don't really know what I'm doing, but believe me...it hurts Mommy and Daddy.
I am Mr. Independent. I want to try lots of things on my own. I love to explore my house, and I'm still army crawling. Right in the middle of the month, I figured out how to work all my arms and legs together, though. I'm just too big!
I have the absolute cutest laugh in the whole world. Lots of things just crack me up! Here I am as Mommy was making me laugh.

Gone are the days of wanting to be confined in my bouncy seat. Instead, I want to play around it as I walk around it.
Mommy is estimating, but I probably weigh about 18 pounds.
Also, imagine the day the Mommy & Daddy woke up to me standing in my crib to welcome them in the morning! Here I am demonstrating that skill in my pack-n-play.

I'm starting to eat more non baby solid foods now! I've tried rice, mashed potatoes, salsa (from the Mexican restaurant), refried beans (yes, also from the Mexican restaurant), and of course...my puffs!

We can't believe you are already to so many milestones Micah! Keep up the good growing!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Prim and proper & babies who find toys.

Sometimes life is better with just a little prim mixed with your proper.
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Don't you think?
Copper likes to demonstrate that even though he is a MAN, he still has etiquette enough to cross his legs in the afternoon.

And look who discovered his crib soother?? It was this day that we decided to finally let your crib down, Micah. You weren't quite pulling up yet....but...
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We knew that this little man had a whole lot of stuff figured out...
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So, down the mattress came after these photos were taken.
You are way, way too big!
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Monday, August 22, 2011

Daddy's birthday.

Better late than never!! =)

Happy Birthday, Mr. C!

Today, we celebrated Daddy's first birthday having his little man around. It was a great day. Mommy had to work, but she woke Daddy up with breakfast in bed. Then she came home where we showered him with gifts, and she baked him birthday cupcakes! She did it up nice! :)

Here you are with your daddy on his 37th birthday. (Yes, I did just go there with his age.)
Daddy loved his Starbucks gift card. He likes to say that means he can be selfish and have as much expensive coffee to himself as he wants. You preferred to eat the card.
We paused to sing a little birthday song to Daddy, but it was really just Mommy singing by herself. You sucked your fingers nicely, though!
Happy birthday, Daddy!! We love you!!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Look, Ma! No hands!

Micah, you have blossomed so much this month! Now you want to stand all the time by yourself without the whole crawling thing. In fact, you love to do this on Daddy's recliner.
Look at me! I can stand!
Just because he's cute...
Sometimes all that standings makes a baby very, very tired. I need some time to rest.
And suck my fingers, of course. (Not looking forward to breaking that habit one day.)
Hi, Mommy! I'm so happy, it makes me clap for joy!
It is so hard for us to believe how big you've gotten so fast, Micah!
Mommy & Daddy love you!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Mommy's back at work.

These two pictures were taken during my first full week back at work teaching. Oh, how little he was! Oh, how thankful I am that I was able to spend a glorious eight months with him before going back to work!! I love you, Micah! I miss you so much, but you are in great hands between your Mommy at nights and grandmothers and Daddy during the day.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

On the move and other updates!

This has been a very busy week. Micah's getting used to my being gone at work, but I honestly think it is harder for me than him. He's on the move this week!

He's flipping over a whole lot when you try to change him. Here, he escaped after his bath time.
I caught him cuddling with his "Mr. Rooster" one Saturday during nap time.
I gave in and did my first "boy mom" thing and let him play in some dirt.
Then I let him play in some grass.
He had the best time playing in this pot.
No, obviously, I am not the mom who is worried about germs.
Gotta take time to taste the fruits--er, dirt--of our labor.
Or just eat the pot. Sometimes the pot tastes better.
Um...keep the jokes to yourself. This is a family blog.
All boy, buddy! All boy! But that is one cutie little boy--even covered in dirt.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Trying to crawl part 2.


Funny faces of an eight month old.

The month of August has been a fun month full of new teeth (four by the end of this month!), new words (Baba, Dada, Mama), & new funny faces. Your personality is just blooming like crazy, Micah! We can't wait to see more of your little cute self shine through as the days pass by. But just for fun...

Hands always in the mouth especially to gnaw on because of all the teeth coming in!
You like to make funny faces with your mouth, too.
Check me out, I'm soooo cool.
Yes, I can come after you!


Friday, August 12, 2011

Mommy's first day back to work.

This was my first official day back at work as a teacher. (Teacher's don't really count inservice week because it is almost restful not having children and going out to adult lunches for a week.) I dropped Micah off for his first day at his Kay Kay's house where he'd have fun playing with his cousin until his Daddy came to pick him up. It was a hard day to leave him, and I cried a lot during random times of the day (not in front of the kids). But he had lots of fun!
My sister, Micah's Aunt KerKer, was also there with Ebs before she left for work.
Ebs wasn't having pictures, and he wasn't really awake yet.
As you can see, Micah's love of trucks started at an early age. Here I am loving on him before going to work.
You know how many men does it take to screw in a lightbulb?
Well, I like to call this...how many pictures do you have to take of two under three before you get a decent shot?
Take 2. Blurry movement mixed with with contempt.
Take 3, and still no great picture, but it was the best of the bunch.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Swingin' the night away.

Tonight after Mommy came home, she decided it was time to try out my new swing!!

Mommy pushed me a whole lot. Sometimes I seemed more into the seat belts parts than the actual swinging.


I mean, the safety belts are just so interesting, and not to mention, tasty!
I also liked looking around trying to find my doggie siblings, Copper & Snickers.
It takes a lot of concentration for a baby in a swing to be successful at such a great venture.
Finally, I just kick myself back and let myself swing!