Friday, June 14, 2013

Trying to move on by keeping busy.

Despite everything that has happened over this week, we're trying to "move on" by keeping busy. It's been a very long, emotional week since finding out about the baby last Friday. Micah has been enjoying a gift from his KayKay & Papa. This is his water table, and he absolutely loves it.

What summer is complete without drinking from the water hose?

He's live in the water hose if I let him, but we would have a very large water bill.

We've started the process of "making over" the front of the house. Plans this summer include replacement of the rotten wood followed by a new paint job.

My mom came over one Saturday to help with a major lawn project. At the time, I thought I'd be hosting my monthly bunko at our house. Unfortunately, the miscarriage kind of changed those plans.

A little video of our little guy outside helping us do some yard work.

He would stay outside all day and all night if we let him.

A shot of the flower beds in progress.

Daddy's little helper!

What day outside is complete without your very own toilet? #cuetheredneckjokes

KayKay was a great help with the yard and the flower beds. She's got some amazing flower knowledge!

Micah also enjoyed pretending to carry his lawn supplies around in his wagon like Daddy (who was using a wheelbarrow). 

Christopher was making fun of me the other night because I was folding laundry in the living room floor. "You know you have a laundry room now, right?"

We've tried some potty training. For like two days. I need to be more consistent because he did pretty well.
A video of Micah playing at my parents' house.

Since Mother's Day included my dad going to the hospital, we "redid" Mother's Day on Sunday night.

Micah has spent a lot of time at the local parks this summer. We took a two-mile walk to this park one evening. He loved it!

And what summer is complete without some tv watching? He's addicted to The Lorax, so I try to limit the amount of time he watches it. Hope you are having a happy summer!

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