Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Looks like we've got some catching up to do.

Welcome back, my friends. I know I somehow took a blog hiatus without meaning to, but here we are. Time to return to capturing our memories for a lifetime. So where have we been? What have we been up to?

Let me tell you, moving will take it out of you. I'm not even quite sure how people move all over the place every few years. Eight years worth of junk in one house is enough for me to start purging. I've still got even more to purge, but I'm hoping to get through it this summer while I'm off.
Micah has enjoyed a whole lot of play time at the new house. His favorite thing to do is play in water. One day, I made a redneck "water table" out of a hose and the wheel barrow. He had a blast!

He enjoys doing his chores or pretending to be just like Daddy.

This son of ours is ALL boy! He idolizes his Daddy, follows him everywhere, and wants to do everything his Daddy does.

We started semi-decorating the new house. It's a long work in progress. We paid some piano movers in April to move the piano out of our old home (which closed April 26th--PRAISE THE LORD!) into the new one. Here is its new home in our "music room" (formal living room) at the new house.

We have two huge sliding doors in our den (which will eventually be French doors when we save up the money), so I can't put blinds on them. They are the only access to our backyard. I want to have privacy at night, so I settled for these curtains from Target which I can open and close easily.

I'm going with some bright colors until we paint the house. Here's the teal curtains in our new kitchen.

This is the crazy awesome teal shelf I found randomly that is also in our kitchen.

Sometime way, way back in April or early May, we met up with our friends Kate & Ashley to go to Touch-a-Truck in our little town. Love this little town we moved, too! So much to do, and it is all sooooo close to our house.

Micah loved driving all the trucks.

He had a big day!

In the ambulance.

Running through the FedEx Ground truck (rarely will you go to any event in the Memphis area where FedEx is not present).

Kate & Micah. This is the only picture I got of them together.

The dump truck was a huge favorite of our little guy!

Of course, what boy's dream of trucks is complete without the police car?

In May, Mother's Day came and went by very quickly. We did not go to church that morning because of traveling down to Mississippi to see the in-laws. So C took me to a local mom-and-pop bagel shop for Mother's Day brunch before we headed south to see his family. They have the best coffee in the city of Memphis, I promise you! Unfortunately, this was the ONLY picture I took of Mother's Day, and I'm not even in it! Our Mother's Day was horrible, actually. It included a. trip to the ER for my dad with a nose bleed that wouldn't stop b. two cars dying (that we own) c. Micah having an allergic reaction to medication d. three dr visits for our son who had a staph infection and e. my husband's uncle dying. All of these things happened within 24 hours. Somehow, we made it through.

Worst Mother's Day weekend ever. Another reason why I haven't blogged. Life just took over.

The week after Mother's Day, I was off for about four days taking care of our son while C took care of his family after his mom's brother died. Micah almost went to the hospital because he rapidly developed a very dangerous staph infection. We went to the doctor two times in two days because it was so bad.

He was absolutely pitiful! The staph that invaded his poor little body was swift and antibiotic resistant. It's also very common and lives on our skin. The doctor assured us that there was nothing we could have done. It is just waiting to get into a vulnerable system or through an open cut.  Let me tell you, there aren't much scarier words than, "I'm sorry Mrs. C, but if this doesn't clear up quickly, we have to admit your son to the hospital so he can receive IV antibiotics." 

Apparently, the only antibiotic that could kill this staph was one our little baby is highly, highly allergic to! We had no idea! I received a call from my mom after dropping him off to go to work one morning. She said, "Leah, get here now. Micah's face is swelling up, he's turning red, and he's splotchy." Sure enough, allergy attack. Meanwhile, my poor husband and his family are dealing with a sudden death in the family, my father is in and out of the hospital about his nose bleeds, my brother had a seizure, and our cars died. 

God is faithful, but some weeks are way harder than others!

After about two weeks of a keeping a close eye on him, we were finally able to breathe a sigh of relief. Sadly, Micah missed his last week of school, his program, and everything going on at Faith. He was just too contagious and too sick the last week of school. Thankfully, we seem to be on the mend, and we can get out in public again.

So there ya go. School is now out, and we are moving forward with the month of June! More posts to come.

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