Monday, April 23, 2012

Monday is here!

Hi, all! It's Monday! I feel like I haven't done a weekend update in a million years, so I went through my iPhone. Yup! I have lots of random photos so that's what this post will be full of. I do apologize now.

Two Fridays ago our church had its semi-annual parents' night out childcare night. I was meant to have a date with my hubby, but he was sick. A strange foreshadowing of events in the Confident house I suppose. I took Micah up to church anyway since we'd paid our whopping childcare fee of $5. Then I went shopping for some new clothes! One of my cute purchases? These shoes which I love. =)

Random side story: I had three pairs of sandals break at school! It was time for some new shoes, apparently.

Also last weekend (two Saturdays ago), Mr. C & I headed to Lowe's to get our yard on. It was time to buy some much needed mulch, lawn mower supplies, and I ended up with a new blender for my shakes! I love how Mr. C is wearing his St. Patrick's Day shirt in April and Micah is chilling with his fingers (as always).

If you read my previous post, you realize that I had strep throat last week and into this past weekend.
That meant I had a lot of meds to take, I blew my healthy living diet by eating lots of Frosty's & Sonic Cream Slushes, and took lots of hot showers to try to open up my nasal passages.

I know you are super jealous of my weekend! 

Most of the week/weekend my house looked like this.

Just keepin' it real, folks. Don't worry. That's my husband's nice clean work clothes. Wouldn't want to "air our dirty laundry" on the blog. 

It was hard to find energy to wash dishes, put away laundry, and do the normal day to day activities that are necessary to keep our house running smoothly. Add to that a semi-sick baby who is getting four molars that I watched (with strep throat!) while his daddy slept...I'm exhausted.

My husband made me laugh at 9 AM on Saturday morning when he started simmering a pot of soup.

I mean, what normal person has soup simmering at 9AM? Only the wife of a midnight shift worker, that's who. He was hungry for his lunch, and I was thankful to have a hearty stew for later in the day that Micah and I could enjoy.

I did a lot of reading while I was sick this weekend with hopes of not just laying in front of the tv. I'm not going to lie, there was some laying in front of the tv, but I also almost finished the introductory book for my new First Place 4 Health program that just started at church this last Wednesday.

(AKA the day I contaminated everyone with my strep throat at church because I ignored my body's signs and went anyway! Bad lady! I wouldn't do that to Micah in the nursery, so I shouldn't have done it to my friends with my sickness. I do apologize.)

Mr. C went to a Bible conference at my parents' church part of this weekend where he heard some good preaching. So sad that I didn't get to be a part of that! Mr. C even missed the bar-b-que portion of the conference to come home and check on me. Isn't that sweet? 

My favorite part of this First Place 4 Health Bible study? The statement below (also in the picture in italics):
First Place 4 Health is not a diet; it's a lifestyle shift.

That's what I want. A lifestyle shift. (And it couldn't hurt to lose those last 10 pounds, too! Haha!)

In reading up on my new healthy living food plan, I came across some recipes that used whole wheat pita bread. I was not in possession of any whole wheat pita bread. Last night since I was finally feeling more human, Mr. C & I went on a sloooow walk (to prep for my rejoining the 5K training group today). Afterwards, we went to Wal-mart where I bought these things wonderful inventions.

Have you heard of these things before? Where have I been?

Last night to stop my craving for some bad Panera bread sandwiches, I made a turkey and ham club with provolone cheese and honey mustard sauce on one of these pita Flat Out breads. I toasted it, and it was ah-mazing!

Of course, a post is not really complete without a picture of my oh so cute son. He's been missing lately because I've been too tired or lazy to take pictures of him. Here he is enjoying his daddy's chicken chili recipe from above (which was wonderful by the way!) at lunch or dinner sometime this weekend. (We ate it a lot! Haha!)

Then bright and early this Monday morning, I enjoyed my Shakeology for breakfast using my new blender purchased last weekend. I made the "Orange You Happy" recipe from BeachBody website as the basis for today's shake inspiration:

1/2 cup of raspberries (I subbed in strawberries instead b/c that is what I had at home)
1/2 cup of orange juice
1/2 cup of water
1 scoop of chocolate Shakeology

I added:

1/2 cup of spinach leaves
1 cup of ice

The calories on the site show this shake to be a total of 228 calories. I'm sure I messed that up by adding the spinach and switching out the raspberries for strawberries. Anyway, my creation was awesome because I couldn't even taste the spinach! I have to say, I'll probably be adding spinach to my shakes more often in the morning to meet my veggie cup requirements for First Place 4 Health.

Anyway, there is your friendly, random blog post full of pictures!

Happy Monday!

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