Monday, March 19, 2012

Natchez Trace spring break trip day 1.

Mr. C took this week off months and months ago so we could enjoy a break together. He got his new job/promotion about six weeks ago. This left his vacation time up in the air since he was now in another bracket--so to speak--of people vying for vacation days since he is now working in another department. The week before my spring break, he still didn't know that he'd have this week off with us because of a lot of variables. I didn't plan a trip for us since we really honestly thought there would be no trip to speak of. Then he found out on Saturday (my spring break starting on Monday) that he had the days off! This left us going--what are we going to do on such short notice? Where do we go?

A teacher told me a while back that we get a state employee discount at all Tennessee state parks on lodging. The idea popped into my head to do some research on places to stay in middle and western Tennessee state parks between Memphis in Nashville. This seemed like a short distance to take a small break from reality, get out of town, and enjoy nature. I haven't had much experience with Tennessee state parks, but I finally settled on Natchez Trace State Park which is about an hour and half from Memphis. Much to our surprise (and my husband's complaints about our lodging--he didn't like the internet pics), we had a fabulous time! So much so we extended our stay by an extra night. Our family enjoyed a one-bedroom, one bath cabin with an incredible lake view off our deck. We arrived Thursday afternoon (3/15/12), spent Friday (3/16/12) driving a section of the Natchez Trace Parkway, and spent Saturday (3/17/12) playing around in the park. Here are some of the pictures from our trip.

Mommy & Micah walking along a section of the original Natchez Trace.
An original homestead off Natchez Trace Parkway.

A scenic view on a hike to a waterfall. (I use "hike" liberally since we did this with a toddler and no stroller. It wasn't that far, and he was able to walk part of it himself.)

The sign at Jackson Falls, where we hiked to see the Jackson Falls.

Daddy & Micah at Jackson Falls, not far from Nashville, Tennessee.

Mommy & Micah at the falls.

Please excuse his red (non matching) socks with what seem to be super short high wader jeans. I need to watch how I position him in pictures and pull his pants down! =)

This day started out horribly rainy, and it ended up being a wonderful sunny afternoon as we approached Nashville.
Family photo op-Spring Break 2012.

My state is pretty, no?
I'm kind of sad that I had no idea about these state parks and my use of a discount before now!
Playing on the deck in Daddy's tobbogan.

Cutie pie growing like a weed.

Dancing! Dancing!

This was the view from our lake cabin in the woods.
Beautiful sunset on our deck after our seafood buffet dinner at the park lodge.
Isn't God amazing? We had a wonderful day driving around Tennessee exploring things & taking pictures.

Hope you enjoyed your weekend! =)

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