Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Nine months old.

I'm now nine months old. It is so hard to believe that time flies by this fast!
I'm too busy of a bee to sit in my chair for pictures anymore. I'm into everything! So Mommy took pictures of me doing what I do best!

I pull up on everything nowadays. I can't help it, but I just want to climb.
This was the month I (finally) started to pull up unassisted.
If you let me, I try to feed myself. Usually Mommy or Daddy just feeds me because I make such a mess, but I can do it!
I loooooooove Puffs. They are my favorite things. I even figured out how to get them out of the diaper bag by myself this month. (More pics of those later.)
As you can see, I have four teeth! These all came in this month. I have the two bottom teeth, and I have the two top teeth. I can take a big bite out of you if I need to. I don't really know what I'm doing, but believe me...it hurts Mommy and Daddy.
I am Mr. Independent. I want to try lots of things on my own. I love to explore my house, and I'm still army crawling. Right in the middle of the month, I figured out how to work all my arms and legs together, though. I'm just too big!
I have the absolute cutest laugh in the whole world. Lots of things just crack me up! Here I am as Mommy was making me laugh.

Gone are the days of wanting to be confined in my bouncy seat. Instead, I want to play around it as I walk around it.
Mommy is estimating, but I probably weigh about 18 pounds.
Also, imagine the day the Mommy & Daddy woke up to me standing in my crib to welcome them in the morning! Here I am demonstrating that skill in my pack-n-play.

I'm starting to eat more non baby solid foods now! I've tried rice, mashed potatoes, salsa (from the Mexican restaurant), refried beans (yes, also from the Mexican restaurant), and of course...my puffs!

We can't believe you are already to so many milestones Micah! Keep up the good growing!

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