Tuesday, August 30, 2011

It's two days away from September. Yeah, I know.

So, at first I started wondering what happened to my blog? I mean, I kind of stopped. Unexpectedly. Rather suddenly. I just became silent.

In fact, I last blogged on July 28, 2011.

It is now August 30, 2011.



Well, I am going to go back and "post date" or maybe "pre-date" some blog posts adding in several picture of our month of July and August. I can't let Micah's life slip away like that. But until I have some time to blog with actual pictures, I thought a bullet point/list post would be the best thing to do. To get me out of my blog slump. And maybe bring back the 3 followers that left. Or maybe not.

1. My life as a SAHM came abruptly to an end on August 1st as I was thrust back into the world of the career woman.

Is teaching really a career? I know the answer is yes, but when I come home covered in glue and Vis-a-Vis marker and my counterpart working moms come home in Monolo pumps and fancy suits I really wonder if "career woman" is the term I should use. Lady Who Stand in Front of Seven Year Olds Singing Silly Songs as We Learn About Gravitational Pull of the Sun fits me a little better.

Come to think of it, I'm just a mom to other people's kids. After I say, "No, don't hit _______. Keep objects to YOURSELF. Is that Cheeto an OBJECT? Yes, I think it is," all day...I feel more like a mom. Less like a teacher. Especially now that I am an actual Mom.

2. I have now entered Little People Land AKA the land of being a second grade teacher. I have been a fourth grade teacher for nine years, and I actually majored in Learning FOUNDATIONS with a minor in K-2. I have never used my actual degree. I've always wanted to be in Little People Land, but I've never had the chance. I'm LOVING being a second grade teacher!! Oh my goodness!! So much fun!

3. I spend my nights after my son and husband have gone to bed watching Melrose Place and writing lesson plans. Because Netflix is THE best invention ever, and Heather Locklear is just better in 1996 with cheesy synthesizer music.

4. Being a working mom is the hardest thing I've ever had to do. I miss my SAHM status, but with this economy I have to be thankful to have a great job at a wonderful school. Seriously, I can only be thankful despite my feelings on working full time.

5. Micah fills his days with time with grandmas and his daddy. My hubs is the awesome one who comes home after working all night and watches our son. I'm so lucky to have my precious little one surrounded by his family. I'm also so blessed to have a husband who wants to spend so much time with his family.

6. My first month of school has been obviously very busy. Thus my lack of correct punctuation or blog posts.

7. Did I mention how exhausted I am?

8. I'm super proud of myself, though. I got a raise for my Master's degree. I mean, looking back on last year--how did I work full time, carry a baby, and go to grad school full time? I mean, that is just Rock Star material right there, my friends.

9. I love teaching second grade. LOVE IT. So if I'm going to have to work, might as well do what I love, right?

10. Micah turns NINE stinkin' months old today!!! Ahhhhh! Time flies, and I will post that post very soon.

G'night, all! Welcome back to our little world. Hope you are doing great!


  1. Glad you are back! I have missed you. Was about to email you the other day, actually...yet as you see, that didn't happen. :) Look forward to seeing new pics of Micah!

  2. Well hello there and welcome back!! I was beginning to wonder where you had gone...
    Melrose Place!!?? My goodness that is an oldie and funny enough HL's hairstyle is still the same today hehehe
    Teachers are a blessing!