Monday, August 22, 2011

Daddy's birthday.

Better late than never!! =)

Happy Birthday, Mr. C!

Today, we celebrated Daddy's first birthday having his little man around. It was a great day. Mommy had to work, but she woke Daddy up with breakfast in bed. Then she came home where we showered him with gifts, and she baked him birthday cupcakes! She did it up nice! :)

Here you are with your daddy on his 37th birthday. (Yes, I did just go there with his age.)
Daddy loved his Starbucks gift card. He likes to say that means he can be selfish and have as much expensive coffee to himself as he wants. You preferred to eat the card.
We paused to sing a little birthday song to Daddy, but it was really just Mommy singing by herself. You sucked your fingers nicely, though!
Happy birthday, Daddy!! We love you!!

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