Monday, February 25, 2013

Baptists & bullets.

In between buying a house, we had to have a little time to blow off some steam. Our Connection Class (Sunday school class) decided to partake of Date Night at our local gun range this past Friday night. How funny is that? Sound crazy? Yes, it does. I've never even shot a gun in my life. It was great fun, though! For under $36 two people could shoot, eat dinner, and have 100 rounds of ammo per person. Let me tell you a secret--the French Dip at the gun range? Best I've ever had! It was an awesome meal. I know you think I'm making it up, but it is true.

Here's some members from our class from left to right:
Archie & Brandi, Kristy & Gene, Michael & Kim, us, Brian & April

We needed some fun because this house? It's going to drive me insane.

(Literally, I'm going to go insane.)
(Did I mention, that I'm going to go insane?)
(Did you know that as they comb through your bank statements you get to explain everything in ridiculous detail like you never thought possible?)
(Did you also know that you want to poke your eye out over the toothpaste that you bought?)
(Ok, it isn't really that bad, but I'm just sick to death of everything coming with this house. At some point, I'm ready to be done.)
(To next Friday, when we are in a house.)

 Anyway, we did have a fun time stepping out of our normal box and doing something completely abnormal for us.  Here's a picture of the girls: Brandi, Kristy, Kim, me, & April. I stole this off of Facebook. Thanks, Kristy!

My sister watched Micah while we loaded our ammo on date night. Thanks, Aunt KerKer! I'm sure he had a wonderful time!

Mr. C taking aim. It was really cold in there, and we had the whole place to ourselves. How fun is that?

My turn!! Don't I look like I could hurt you? I had no idea what I was doing, and we borrowed our friends' gun. 

I will say, I have become very interested in guns. Call it the Obama Factor. I'm not sure why, but now that you are telling me I can't have a gun...I want to learn. (Ok, that's not really how things are going, but you get my point.)

Of course, we had to pose for our date night photo op complete with head gear and all.

 And just because everything looks better through Instagram.

Figured I'd throw these shots in, too.

At any rate, I know that this busy time in our lives is a phase, and we will pass through it soon. I'm hoping that I'll be dancing a jig in my very own new house by next Friday. Until then, I'm going to keep jumping through mortgage hoops and bank hoops and red tape and seller/buyer negotiations and inspection hoops and somehow find some time to pack.

I have no idea how this will happen. Or if I will survive. I think I will survive.

Until then, I'll keep yelling at my mother. 

Except, I didn't yell at my mother. However, I was so frustrated today that I did yell at her regarding my frustrations of so many things going on right now. I also yelled at or around my father, too.

Isn't it nice to know that you have family who lets you yell at or around them without being the least bit offended? Have you ever been that frustrated?

Nope? Just me?

At any rate, if I don't see you in the blog world, I'll see you sooner rather than later. =)

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