Saturday, February 9, 2013

Our life is just plain crazy right now!

I realize I need to take some more actual pictures of Micah, our family, and what we are doing. But honestly? What we are doing is living! We are so busy, and I can't seem to keep up with it all let alone take a picture.

One of the main reasons for this is that we are in "house world" right now. Those of you who have ever bought a house--much less possibly buying a second house while you list your first house after buying the second house--realize how incredibly insane it can be. We're dealing with two realtors, the owners of the house, trying to get our house ready, our mortgage broker, an appraiser, a pool inspector, and an inspector. I'm quite possibly going to lose my mind. So I'm in denial today and spending part of my Saturday morning letting Micah watch Mickey Mouse while I write a blog post.

We meet with our mortgage guy today at Perkins. How funny is that? He's actually a parent of mine from my school. I currently teach his precious son in my class. He's been an awesome mortgage guy, and it probably doesn't hurt that they love their second grade son's teacher (that'd be me). You get some special VIP treatment then. Who says that being a teacher doesn't pay off? Haha!

This week was also conference week. Yes, I said week. It was supposed to be just conference night. But if you are like me, you end up having so many conferences that they are spread out over the course of three mornings before school, a planning period, and then the actual conference night itself. I'm exhausted. The house is falling apart, and I'm actually liking the fact that we will be listing our house after we actually move out. That means:
1. I don't have to deal with cleaning it constantly while working and keeping up with a toddler.
2. I don't have to worry about our dogs annoying anyone or trying to hide the fact we have dogs.
3. People won't wake my husband every time they want to see the house during the day randomly.
4. I already have a place to live.

Yesterday was inservice day, and I ended up in the ER all day. Not because I was actually in the ER, but a fellow colleague went to lunch with us and almost had a heart attack. It was quite eventful calling your principal and telling her a car load of teachers were headed to the ER after a crazy lunch! You can imagine, I didn't mind missing all the meetings, but it was quite scary! (As far as I know, she's ok but her potassium levels just dropped dramatically.)

So there you go. Our week. Without pictures. I'll try to do better and actually take some this weekend. =)

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