Thursday, March 28, 2013

It's an Instagram kind of life. Updates via Instagram.

You look up, and suddenly realize that a week has flown by again! It's gone in an instant. For today's post, I figured I'd just share some Instagram moments from the last week.

Micah after school one day enjoying his personal recliner, milk, and some Curious George.

It's really hard to see, but to the right of that bird feeder? We saw a bunny rabbit hopping over at my mom's house on Friday night! I have never seen a bunny in the wild. Yes, I am very city-fied.

We have spent a good bit of time staging our old home in prep for its first weekend on the market. I snapped a few pictures on my phone to show the fruits of our labor. It's been a long two weeks with two houses, but we have had two showings in three days. That encourages me greatly! Let's just hope this house sells quickly.

My former master bedroom staged for real estate pictures.

My former living room staged for real estate pictures.

Here is a PicStitch of our house prepped and ready for sale.

Speaking of which, we've had three showings in about four days. We got an offer on it today, and we're currently praying through it. We sent a counter back, and we are praying for a response quickly. If so, we'll be closing on this house April 29th.

Every day, I look back and think, "He looks huge!!" I just thought I'd take a picture of it as I thought it.

Micah has been very sick again this week with more fever, snotty nose, wheezing, sinus junk. We spent Saturday morning at the doctor's office.

How big does my boy look here? I promise you, if he weren't holding his bear, I would say he's going on 19.

My drive to work has been awesome since moving to our new house. I have a ten minute commute (I KNOW!) and my hubs has a 20 minute commute (down from 45+). Our church commute? Wednesday nights it is bumper to bumper then entire measly ten miles. It took me 30 minutes! Oh, well. Not everything in life can be easy.

Saturday morning after getting the all clear--ahem--from the doctor, we headed to our connection class family Easter meal and egg hunt. Micah was still not acting like himself, but assured he wasn't contagious and it was allergies--we forged on. This year it was really fun to watch him actually understand how to hunt eggs. Here he is finding his first egg with Jaxson.

Micah & his friend Finn. They are birthday buddies--as in, they are only a couple of weeks apart in age. I met Finn's mama while I was off for a year with Micah.

Micah loved the sewer for some reason! Haha!

The Easter egg hunt took place at a really nice mansion like place in East Memphis that a  class member had some connections to through her dad. It was an awesome location!

This is Micah and his little friend Ellie. They are very close in age, and they have a lot of fun playing together! =) This was the best shot that I could get of the two of them together.

As I suspected, even though we were sent home with "allergies" on Saturday, Micah faded fast at the Easter egg hunt. We decided to go ahead home early, and sure enough...I ended up home with a very sick, feverish child on Tuesday. We watched way, way too much television, spent some time playing in his very bare playroom (to be furnished at some point), and played some in his room. I set up his tent, which he calls his "howse" in the playroom. 

He loved watching the iPad in his howse for a while. He now asked to go in the playroom to see his "howse" all the time. Just imagine his surprise when I open up the rest of his Christmas toys that I have squirreled away. We didn't have any room for all the crazy amounts of toys he received between his birthday and Christmas, and this playroom will be full soon enough.
Because of the layout of our lot, the best view of the pool is from the side of the house! Haha! The playroom has a fun view of our wooded pool lot.

Well, that is our week. I've been in deep prayer about a friend of mine from college who is currently fighting for his life against cancer. His name is Will, and he is an incredibly talented musician that I had the chance to spent lots of time with in college. At any rate, will you pray for my friend Will? You can find more about his story here. 

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