Tuesday, March 19, 2013

We've moved! Spring break & other updates.

Moving Day, March 9, 2013

It's now official! We have moved into our new house, and that is why I've been absent in blogland for a while. We spent our entire spring break doing not fun things like moving boxes, unpacking, and prepping our old house to go on the market this Wednesday. We're hopeful it will sell fast, but I'm just not sure. You never know how the real estate market will work. Please pray and think happy, selling thoughts! We signed a contract with a real estate agent yesterday for six months to sell our home. The thought of waiting six months for this house to sell kind of makes my stomach turn, but I know it is all in God's hands.

We officially moved in on Saturday, March 9th after closing on Thursday, March 7th. Mr. C began packing up the house and moving some boxes that Friday, March 8. We rented a U-Haul for two days over the weekend of March 9-10. It basically killed us trying to get everything done that weekend, but Mr. C wasn't given any time off that he requested (the entire week of my spring break). He got one day off work, so we had to crank it out. Thankfully, we had several friends (George & Stephanie, Gene) and our parents help us. Our sisters both took turns taking care of Micah so he got a lot of cousin time.

I posted this on Instagram, but I have highly enjoyed spending the evenings out by the pool after Micah went to bed this week. It's almost like having your own fountain or water feature. It is so peaceful! I'm hoping for some nice quiet times pool side. We have a lot of work to do to make it really nice, but the potential is why we bought the place. 

In addition to several friends helping us move this past week, we have spent most of our spare time in the middle of the week fixing up our old home. There was a lot of painting to do and simple fixes. We basically had to take shifts with Micah while one of us worked on the house. Usually, C slept in the morning, and I worked until Micah's nap time. Graciously several friends kept Micah throughout the week since my mom (aka main childcare) was out of town on business. We're so thankful to Kristy & Beth for taking time to watch our Little Man. Beth took some pictures of Ellie & Micah eating lunch.

This was my favorite picture of Micah & Ellie. Beth said it looked like they were on a bad teenage date. One on the cell phone while the girl chatted away. =)

They even had some craft time! So thankful for our sweet friends from our Sunday school class. I'm not sure we could have done much this week without help from friends and family.

Micah enjoyed the tv when the internet guy finally came so we could have some Netflix. 

I enjoyed some coffee every morning from my little table overlooking the wooded view of our small backyard. I'm lov.ov.ov.ing having the trees around! Other things we are getting used to? 

The constant train whistle in the background at various times.
The fridge that is stuck in our garage since we can't fit it inside our older home. (Still not sure what we're doing about that.)
The laundry taking forever to dry since it vents out through the roof of the house instead of directly outside.
Crazy, old lady neighbors (story to be told on another post).
Pool maintenance & our lack of knowledge anything pool related.

I spent a whole lot of time unpacking at the house. Here's a sneak peek of Micah's two closets in his bedroom! One is the "toy closet" and the other is the "clothing closet". Let's just say, Mama is in heaven. Hope he doesn't end up with a sister one day because I'm sure she's going to commandeer this room from him.

Micah also enjoyed trying to get down the stairs. We have him tripled gated into the upstairs (baby gate on his door, baby gate at the top of the stairs, and baby gate at the bottom of the stairs). It is a crazy amount of baby gates!

A humongous thank you to my mother-in-law, Renee, my Mama, my sister-in-law ,Courtney, and my sister, Keren, for helping me so much during this process! Each lady has countlessly watched Micah while I got things done alone. We've moved before, but I tell you! Moving with a toddler is a feat in itself. They helped do laundry, clean, pack, unpack, stage my house, move boxes, cook meals, and countless other things. I'm so thankful for them!! Bless my sweet Mom's heart, because she got back from a business trip only to spend her entire weekend helping me stage, prep, and paint my other house. I'm so thankful for all the wonderful people in my life!! Love y'all!

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