Tuesday, September 11, 2012

You know what they say. Do a Bible study on forgiveness, and God will send people to forgive your way.

Sometimes we have a bad day, and we think, "Oh, I'm so glad that bad day is over now. It's going to get better."

Sometimes we have a bad week, and we think, "My, this week sure had a lot of ups and downs. Surely it is going to get better."

Then, you are me. And suddenly the complete chaos that is your life has made you laugh because your boss runs the opposite direction when she sees you coming. Ok, that isn't really true because I have an awesome set of administrators. I mean this with all honesty, but I have been blessed to have some great administrators in my life at many of my schools. At any rate, there is a whole lot going on in my professional career, and things that are happening require hands-on conferencing and knowledge by the administration. All of the things that have been happening just had us laughing today because it's just to that point. There is nothing else to do but try to laugh and hope this too shall pass because we are now into a full week of complete and utter nonsense. I really wish I could write it out because it would make me feel better, and you would laugh and laugh. My the stories a teacher really has to tell, but then I'd break all kinds of confidentiality laws. I don't want to do that.

Let's just say, I started studying the story of Joseph this week in preparation for a Bible study at church on forgiveness. I think that just as soon as you start to do a Bible study on forgiveness the Lord will send people your way to forgive. So if you think of me, please just say a prayer for me & my class & my issues & my forgiveness. Apparently, I don't really have quite the grasp on it that I thought I had! I told my husband tonight that I feel God is really 1. testing me or 2. trying to tell me something. Hopefully, I'll learn about it quickly. Haha!

Psalm 66:19
But truly God has listened; he has attended to the voice of my prayer. 

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