Saturday, December 25, 2010

A tender Tennessee Christmas. 2010.

This Christmas was especially special because Micah entered our world! There is nothing like Christmas with children, but the first Christmas is extra special. Micah got to spend time with his cousins on both sides, both sets of grandparents, and both sets of aunts and uncles. We were so glad to share it with our families, and it was wonderful as a family of three. Micah is so loved, and he spent most of the day being held by the family. He's a wide-eyed newborn, and he was awake most of the day. When we got home that night he absolutely crashed! Here are some photos of our first Christmas day.

Ebin loving his cousin Micah.

Micah in his "Baby's First Christmas" outfit.

Aunt Kerker with Micah.

Uncle C, Ebin, Aunt C, and Micah

Cousins in their matching pajamas.

This floating head would be how I spent a lot of the evening--nursing Micah. I did this in the landing upstairs so I could hear what was going on below. However, I still had some privacy.

The magical Christmas tree.

Our family circa 2010.

Mama C and her new little baby.

Our first Christmas family portrait.

I'm opening the popular gift of choice for me this year: baby stuff! Just kidding, this is Micah's present from his Kaykay.
Pawpaw got a Kindle. C and Ebin were very interested in examining it.
Uncle Dale playing while Pawpaw watches.

About to being the festivities! Dale is enjoying his toy!

Kaykay holding Micah while opening her gift.

Daddy on duty with his son.

Uncle J and Ebin opening up presents for Ebs.

My parents holding Micah. (Pawpaw and Kaykay)

Kaykay holding Micah

Uncle J and my hubby

Kaykay bought the boys matching pajamas to take pictures in before the present opening began. Ebin managed to find his present and ripped into it. He then happily brought it back to the photo shoot with Micah.
Ebin loves "Baby Micah" his first cousin. They are two years apart in age, so I know they'll have lots of fun in the future!


  1. Christmas is SO much more fun with Kids. Congrats friend. He's precious!!

  2. Absolutely beautiful. What a dreamy Christmas. Congratulations, girlie. I am so happy for you. I don't think I could manage a bigger smile right now. I love you. Miss you much. Jen