Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Teacher Gifts.

Last week I made a mega Target run for some last minute school supplies for Micah's class, groceries so I had something to pack him for lunch, and other odds and ends. 

I ended up hitting up Target's Dollar Spot for a quick little back to school teacher gift for Mrs. Tracy and Mrs. Julianna. I may not be a stay at home mom, but I am a teacher! So I do know that a first day happy is always fun. Normally, I'd say skip the happy and just give a gift card. I promise you, it will be much appreciated. However this time, I created my own "First Day Survival" pack for around $6 per teacher. I should have taken pictures of the finished product, but here's what I typed up to go with the gift and printed on cute paper:

Thank you so much for serving the Lord by teaching Micah! We appreciate what you do. Here is a little “happy” back to school survival pack to remind you how important you are to us!

1. Extra gum because you are an “extra” special teacher.
2. Stickers because you are the one who helps our class “stick” together.
3. Hand sanitizer because we know that toddlers can be messy and germy. =)
4. Oreo cookies because sometimes you just need chocolate to get you through your day.
5. A notepad to help you remember things because sometimes chasing almost two-year-olds can make you forget!


C, Leah & Micah Confident

Kind of cheesy, but the loved it! For Christmas, there will definitely be a gift card attached to some other small Dollar Spot find. I know how much teachers love a gift card! Just thought I'd share.

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