Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Party like it's 1999. Blog hop.

Wanna meet some new bloggers, get out of your bloggy rut, get some comments, & add some fun new sites to your reader?

How about going over to this blog hop at Jenna's Journey?

And just for fun, I got this link from my Twitter friend named Leah over at her blog. So go check her out, too! She's extremely cool, and I love "meeting" people randomly on Twitter. Believe me, you can actually become cyber friends. Weird, I know.

If you want to know more about The Confident family, feel free to visit our info page here. Or check out my latest fave post with pics of my boy taken by my husband here. Or feel free to check out some of our top blog posts on the side bar. Become a follower or get up close & personal by finding me on Twitter @confidentblog.

A few fun facts about me:

1. Born & raised in Tennessee, and I love it here.
2. I'm obsessed with the mountains--specifically the beautiful state of Montana.
3. I've lived in Montana doing summer missions & visited it five times.
4. I was engaged after dating my hubs for five months. We've been married 7 years this month.
5. I was scared to death of having a child always waiting "for the right time", but I can't imagine anything better than being a mom!

Hope to hear from you soon!


  1. Thanks for the plug ;) haha! I'm feeling much better. Trey caught it twice. *knock on wood* Hope your little man is recovering well post surgery, and I'm all for crying it out. Probably too for it . . .

  2. Stopping by from Jenna's Journey! Hope you have a great week.

  3. hi there! stopping by from Jenna's. Thanks for the comment :)

  4. Hello! Stopping by from Jenna's...you have such a beautiful family and thanks for stopping by my blog!

  5. Stopping by from Jenna's...your family is beautiful! I have taught in christian schools for 10 years but I am currently a sahm...hoping to be back in the classroom within the next two years. Love your blog!

  6. Thanks for stopping by! Your baby boy is a doll! And I love the idea for the stew bag from another post! Maybe this commenting challenge will help us all get out of "stalker rut"! ;)