Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Eating vaseline to lose weight.

How's that for a title, huh? I check my blog stats from time to time, and I'm always amused to read what google searches have lead to my blog. This week's most unusual Google search was "eating Vaseline to lose weight." I have to say to the person who Google searched that--please, please, please don't eat Vaseline to try to lose weight. I don't think that is a good idea.

I've decided to do a middle of the week brain dump today mostly because I've had a rough day. Sometimes writing things down makes it better.

In no particular order:

1. This school year is wearing me out! I promise, each year I say that. Maybe I forget something about the previous year, but I feel more is piled onto teachers with each passing day, month, and year. I have to say the amount of responsibility on my shoulders drags me down on a daily basis. It's hard to keep my head up and focus on what I need to do. Prayers please!

2. I wrote a note to Micah's teachers about him not drinking milk, them not giving him milk, why does he have a lot of leftover milk on Tuesday. He drinks a ton of milk usually, but I was unsure what was happening at school. Apparently, they took it (the note) the wrong way (thought I was super upset) so they pulled Mr. C over for his first "parent teacher" conference as well as wrote me a long note in response. Kudos to solving the problem quickly, but whoops! I became "that mom" on accident already. Mr. C says I'm not allowed to write a note again. Ha!

3. Today was an awful day. I'm just exhausted, but I made myself go to church anyways. Always go to church when you don't want to. I promise you, the Lord will bless you with what you need.

4. Speaking to myself here (referring to number 2): Don't email your teacher about nine million things. Just don't. I mean, if you haven't heard from the teacher, it's probably fine. No news = good news. Right? =)

5. If your teacher spends hours updating her webpage to answer all your questions, but you still ask her questions...please go to the webpage and read it. (Can you tell how my day went?)

6. The night you need to buy diapers because your son will need them at school the next day will be the night a major lightening strike shuts down all the stores in your area because they have no power.

7. That same night will also provide darkness so that you can't find the matches. When you can't find the matches, the toddler gets mad because he is hungry and can't eat his Sonic. So then he starts to cry louder still just as you step in a puddle of dog pee that you couldn't see anyway because you don't know where the matches are.

8. Parent/Teacher Conference Night forms and progress report grades will send you to a mental facility before you retire.

9. Politicians drive me crazy with their talk of things being for the "children" when it is really about money and power.

10. After today, I might just need to eat some Vaseline. Maybe that mysterious reader knows more than I do.

Have a great rest of the week!


  1. oh girl, feels good to let it out! the life of a mommy and teacher sure is exhausting!!

    1. It does feel good to let it all out! I have had a crazy couple of days, but I really don't think anyone has a clue what teachers are dealing with these days. Haha!