Thursday, September 6, 2012

Whoa. Apparently a lot of people are eating Vaseline.

176Welcome to Casa Confident, my little piece of the internet. A blog about my son Micah (mostly), my random and slightly sarcastic thoughts on teaching while also being a working mother, along with a smidge of family life. I usually have about 20 people who read my posts. The people who read my blog are mostly my IRL (in real life) friends. If I get thirty hits on a post, we'll call that a good day where more people than normal checked on a post from Facebook. I'm no Kelly's Korner. I'm no Dooce. I'm no Heir to Blair.

However...yesterday? After joking around about people eating Vaseline to lose weight?? I had 416 hits on that post. People, why are you trying to eat Vaseline to lose weight???? I am so confused by this! Don't you know that isn't healthy?

If you want to really know why my blog has blown up over Vaseline...go read this post or maybe this one instead. Both are tales of how my baby smeared Vaseline all over his head, and how I finally got it out of his hair. However, there was no eating of Vaseline involved in the least bit. I'm sorry I can't help ya with a diet plan.

I have to say, after yesterday...I needed a good laugh about the people in the world trying to eat some Vaseline. Yes, I needed that laugh.

Also, I do apologize if yesterday's post was a bit ::ahem:: raw. I just needed to vent because...well. Sometimes it just makes me feel better. Alrighty, have a great rest of the week. Tomorrow is FRIDAY!


  1. Posting a post with that title yesterday made it a PERFECT match for those keywords to Google. If that is a popular search term, you just wrote a post with that Google will point people looking for that to that post. And this one has eating Vaseline in the title another one about the same topic (according to Google). I work in search engine optimization for a corporation, and unfortunately, you just gave Google more juice that your blog is in fact about eating Vaseline to lose weight. ha!

    1. I just think it is the funniest topic to ever come across my blog! Thanks for letting me know! I love your blog! I'm new to Zumba, but I'm loving it. =)