Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Strep face, Veggie Tales, and stomach bugs.

 I've had a busy week! How about you? I guess I'll play catch up via some iPhone pics since I just realized I have a trillion in my phone! 

I'll start with a picture from the doctor's office I took last Thursday afternoon. One of my students had something random on their face which our school nurse thought might be contagious. I had something show up randomly on my face, so I headed to the doctor stat! Turns out I had strep on my face. Veeeerrrry attractive! Mr. C has been referring to me as "strep face" for the past week. A couple of days & some antibiotics later...I'm all good.

We've had a whole lot of rain in the past week, and it has been amazing! I forgot how much I've missed the rain in all this drought. At any rate, I saw some ridiculous colored light pouring into my window before school one morning. I ran outside just before it started to rain again to snap this pic. The clouds were simply gorgeous! How can you not believe in God?

 Thursday was quite possibly the most exhausting day of my week. It was parent teacher conference day, and we bought tickets ages ago to a Veggie Tales concert! Yes, it was on the same day. So I started my conferences before school at 8 AM, taught all day, had some more conferences after school, and then rushed over to Hope Pres to meet up with my mom, sister, nephew, hubby, and son.
 They had the cameras, and they took all the pictures. I need to get those from my mom, but until then a few iPhone snapshots should suffice. He loved the Veggie Tales. I mean, loved them. It was the funniest thing I have ever seen. Micah was also slightly wired.

I'm still not sure how he bounced around that much, but baby boy loves some music just like his mom!

 Daddy ended up leaving early to go home and sleep. Somehow in his rush to get him to the concert, Mr. C forgot to feed Micah dinner. After the show, he & I made a late night run to Wendy's. We proceeded to have a late night picnic on the couch with our hamburgers afterwards.
Saturday consisted of Mommy running out to get the two sleeping boys a treat from a local doughnut shop. Pumpkin spice doughnuts were out! Woot!

I asked my friends on Instagram if their house looks like my house always seems to look above.
Ok, this random picture is so funny. Mr. C & I were having a disagreement earlier this week about who leaves out what around this house. I feel like I am constantly picking up after him and Micah when he should pick up some after himself.  He's a fabulous husband, please don't get me wrong. However, I told him, "Don't challenge me because I will take an iPhone pic and post it on the blog! We are in the digital age of proving arguments now." 

He laughed at me.

But guess who left out his peanut butter banana concoction and drink on the counter top? Um, and a wooden spoon. Not me!

Told you I'd post a picture, Mr. C! Haha! =)

I was home sick on Tuesday with a nasty stomach bug, so I got to have some early morning snuggles with Micah. He was playing around with my iPhone, and took some completely random shots before I dropped him off at school for the day.

I actually kind of like this shot, Micah-man. Very artistic.
After dropping him off at school (yes--I am that mom), I proceeded to enjoy five hours of uninterrupted get well time that included a hot soak in the bathtub.

The weather was amazing! By the end of the day, I was finally starting to feel better.

 I went to pick Micah up from school. And yes, I'm still loving my new car.

 We ran by the drugstore for some baby essentials, and I just marveled at how Micah's hair is a total waste for a boy. Can you imagine if I could grow his hair out? It'd be so pretty.
 And yes. He's still loving his fingers. Crazy curls just like his Mama.
Since I was feeling better, we stopped by Sonic with our "friends" (Mr. Moose) for a little happy hour!

 Micah's own tummy has been a bit upset this week on and off. I can't decide it this is from him cutting some teeth or what. At any rate, I've got him on a high starch diet to calm him down. So mashed potatoes and Cheerios for dinner! Sounds awesome! I win the Mom Award for that, right?
This morning, I woke up late (ahem--6:30). It was heavenly. I finally decided since the sun was peeping through my window I should wake up to start my day.

Then I saw my sister post this picture about her 5:00 AM workout on Instagram. Seriously, Keren? Just kidding. SO proud of you!

We bought our first pumpkin candle of the season, and I lit it for the first time tonight. Our house smells divine! 

 Then, I decided it was time to document some more of Micah's work at school. I had a stack of papers that I need to throw out. Tonight, I took pictures of all of them.  The rest of the pictures are probably boring to you, but I feel we need them in our family journal. So enjoy! Have a great rest of the week. It's almost over! =)
The letter C. He's got a ways to go on the staying in the lines or making a C. Ha!

I'm a little confused by this picture. It says "yellow duck" but obviously this is orange. Hmm.

Here's a picture of a person colored orange with the Bible verse Psalms 100:3, "It is He who made us and we are His."

Great use of graphic organizers! (Nerd alert!) I guess they are learning textures this week.

An off-centered sun.

The number one with his thumb print. I'll probably keep this one since it has his thumb print.

Tomorrow is silly sock day, and we have no silly socks. I forgot to go buy him some, and I'm trying to resist the urge to run to Wal-mart at ten pm. Oh, well. I'll put him in some striped socks, and he'll be fine. I guess. Mom fail.

Have a great rest of your week!

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