Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Breakfast, a new baby, and buying cars.

We had a wonderful three-day weekend! I wish all weekends could be three-day weekends! =)

On Saturday, we got together with our friends Kate and Ashley Addison. It had been ages and ages since we've seen them despite the fact they live in the next town over. We met for breakfast at McDonald's followed by a long walk at a local park. It was super fun!

(I stole some of these pictures of Ashley's blog.) Here is Kate eating her Cheerios.
 Micah finally using his new Mother's Day Out cup and waiting for some pancakes.
Fun with sweet friends! Kate is about two months younger than Micah.
 After our McD's trip, we headed to walk at the park. After about 45 minutes, we got a great workout & we were sweating!

Micah & Kate (another stolen picture from Ashley's blog)
The playground was extremely nice, and it was my first time visiting it. There was a whole section called "Tot Lot" where everything was just the right size for Micah & Kate.

Swinging (another stolen picture)
Micah loved the tractor!  

Playing around in the other swing they had. He kept trying to jump out of it! I have my hands full with a daredevil, y'all!
Micah kept walking up to Kate saying, "Hi! Hi!" I could never catch it on film, but it was cute!

He also became extremely interested in taking the lid on and off my cup.

An Instagram version of swinging together.
Mrs. Ashley and Kate playing on the park.

I'll get to Sunday in a minute, but today we went by to meet the Beauchamp's latest addition to their family--Kailyn Brooke. She was oh so cute! I held her for an hour, I think. I was a baby hog.
 She has a whole lot of hair! And she even opened her eyes for me!

Doesn't Mama B look great for having a baby yesterday? =)
We love you guys! Hard to believe we've all been friends almost nine years now?? Cah.ray.zee!
 Micah's Mississippi grandparents came up today, and guess where we took them? Yup! Back to the park! (It was quite the hit!)
 I know it is the Tot Lot, but it makes me sad that he has gotten so big! He can do so much by himself now. =(

 Now back to Sunday, the crazy day. We went looking at cars on Sunday afternoon mainly because it is the only day that Christopher and I have off together. There wasn't anything family related planned this weekend, so we thought we'd go test drive a few different models we had been looking at. What neither of us realized was that we would be BUYING a car that day!

You may have been following our blog lately or my tweets or my facebook posts. We own two cars, and both of them are two doors! My husband has an Explorer from 1998 that has 250k miles on it! Yes! That's a lot of miles! Then I own a Honda Accord coupe from 1999 that has 150k miles on it. Again, lots and lots of miles. We're still hopeful that they will run a bit longer. However, we've been Dave Ramsey free of car payments for six years. We did not want to buy something until we saved up, but timing just didn't work out that way. Last weekend, the truck broke down on the way to his parents' house in Mississippi. If you can't even drive an hour south of here and get there safely? It's time for something new. So we ended up buying a Honda Pilot.

I'm so very thankful that we stumbled upon this used car over the weekend. It was a bit crazy, but we are so thankful for the ability to purchase this vehicle. God has truly blessed us, and although I don't like a car payment...we'll work to pay it off early so we can be debt free again. Let me just say, I've had fun driving it this weekend!! =)

Well, I hope you guys have a great week! =)

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