Friday, April 20, 2012

Mere steps in a journey.

Six weeks ago at the encouragement from Kodi's Lent challenge to read Made to Crave, I started a single step towards working out more as a goal for Lent. I made it to Easter working out typically 3-5 days a week. It was a small step.

Three weeks ago (about), I started researching Shakeology, a meal supplement plan put out by BeachBody as a means to get some extra nutrients in my diet and hopefully lose some weight. It has 50% of your daily nutrients in a chocolate shake, and so far, I've been pleased with the energy levels and digestive benefits to my body. I haven't really had much weight loss yet, but I do enjoy having something that is a healthy choice being added to my body.

This week I joined a 5K running club of Christian women from my past and some new faces who are all committed to training together for a 5K in June. Thanks to my friend, Amy, for organizing such an encouraging group! It couldn't have come at a more perfect time in my life.

On Wednesday, I started my new First Place 4 Health Bible study at my church. I'm reading (one of the many books! haha!) the book, and I'm looking forward to the encouragement of other women as I take more steps in my journey to finally get healthy.

This week, I've fallen off the food wagon with my strep throat. I mean fallen off the food wagon big time.

Well, in reading First Place 4 Health: Discovery a New Way to Healthy Living by Carole Lewis tonight, I came across a few things that I thought I'd share.

1. "Lasting change happens when we make a series of small, positive choices day after day."

I'm not the person I want to be yet. I don't eat how I should yet. However, I am taking mere steps in a journey to get to the person Christ wants me to be.

2. "You didn't get unhealthy overnight and you won't get healthy overnight either."

This is so true of my life. I have spent too many years eating a horrible diet, and my body craves these horrible foods! I'm not going to change overnight. However, if I start to make small choices a little bit at a time I can eventually change into the person I want to become.

3. "...when your life is in balance, it's much easier to be a leader in your family and a role model for your children and spouse."

This statement hit me square between the eyes tonight after my quiet time because I realize how out of balance my life has become over the years. Most of my life has revolved around working. I brought home work because my husband wasn't home at night. The working occupied my time. Then Micah was born, and my world realigned. I don't want to spend all my time at home working! I want to spend time with my family. In addition, I realized I needed to make some drastic spiritual changes in order to raise that special little baby into someone's wonderful Godly, spiritual husband one day. I can do it, though! One step at a time! One day at a time! One choice at a time!

4. "You can't just sit there and do nothing. Change requires your willingness, no matter what your feelings are saying to you."

I have to say that I think I am making some major life changes. Is it slow? Yes. Is it always consistent? No. Am I making the changes? YES!

So here is my challenge to you: get up and go do something! You can make it happen. Trust in the Lord, and follow His will for your life. It's a hard, but amazing journey. I'm so thankful to be on this path now.

Restore to me the joy of your salvation and grant me a willing spirit, to sustain me.
--Psalm 51:12

Oh, Lord, how I hope I can rely on your spirit to be the only thing I need to sustain me!

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  1. You Easter post was such a blessing to me! God is SO good! Praising Him for His blessing your family in such a tangible way. Oh, and totally going to have to check into that Shakeology. Keep up the healthy eating and exercising. So exciting! :)