Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Day. A change of tradition explanation.

Christmas Day started off differently this year than our previous six years as a married couple. Usually, we head to my parents' house for Christmas Eve dessert fondue. This was a tradition started by my mother back when I was a child. Basically for Christmas Eve dinner, we get to eat all the desserts we want! Such a fun tradition of dipping fruit, pretzels, marshmallows, and whatever we can think of in chocolate. Think chocolate fountains with a seventies era twist. Following that, we always head to C's parents in Mississippi to spend the night. We wake up Christmas morn, head to my BIL/SIL's to watch my niece and nephews open their presents, have Christmas #2 with the in-laws at their house, then head back to Tennessee for Christmas #3 with my family on Christmas evening, and finally we spend the night at my parents' house Christmas evening. Tired yet? Then I usually go shopping with my mom on the 26th, and C goes home (or to work depending on the year).

This year, the thought of dragging a three week old around all over Tennessee and Mississippi did not exactly excite me. C's family lives an hour south of our home, but that still ends up being a two hour trip each time. The thought of packing for two nights with a newborn? Impossible.

C and I have always talked about wanting to have a "family" Christmas with just us if we ever had kids. So this year we tweaked it a bit. We went to my parents' house for Christmas fondue at lunch time. Then we headed to Mississippi for Christmas Eve with his family that evening. We came back to Tennessee to sleep at our own home in our bed; we woke up in our own home that morning for "our" Christmas. Only, I'm sad to say that we slept in. We didn't really open presents (although Micah got some--we skipped giving the presents to each other this year since I'm trying to stay home for a long time). Eventually, we left the house and headed to Mississippi for Christmas #2 with the in-laws followed by a trip back to Tennessee for Christmas #3 with my family.

(Author's side note: C's family is not into internet photos. I will probably never really post their pictures per their request. Please do not think it is because we don't love them as much as my family. I'm just respecting their wishes.)

Anyway, that is our change in Christmas tradition. See, Micah? You changed everything that cold November day you came into our world! More blog posts to come as I play "catch up" on Micah's little life thus far with his crazy parents.


Mama C

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