Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A brisk fall walk.

So, my mom decided to get the boys out for a brisk fall walk down to a park very close to their house. She took some cutie pictures, so I thought I'd also post these (even though it happened at the end of September and I'm technically blogging it in November. So sue me.)

Micah playing with books at Kay Kay's house. Yeah for books!
Micah is obviously really comfortable over at my parents' house.
He's laid back, kicked backed, and relaxed.
Ebin enjoys trying to feed him some mornings.
This is how Micah rolls.
Time to go for a walk, and apparently this was an "all smiles" day for Ebin.
Loaded up in the double jogging stroller, and Micah's sucking away at those two fingers.
Warm, snuggly, and toasty.
Apparently, sliding down causes some great static effects for Ebin!
Happy Fall, Y'all!

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