Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve 2010.

Welcome to our Christmas Eve! We started the day off at lunchtime at my Mama's house. This year, we thought we'd try to fondue everything not just dessert. So, we had marinated chicken and steak to fondue, veggies to fondue, and fruit to fondue. We used oil, cheese, and chocolate!

Keren and Mama prepping the food for our fondue feast.

C & I arrive with little man who was immediately greeted by his cousin, Ebin.

What a spread! Don't you wish you Christmas fondued, too?

Oil is ready to cook our steak and chicken.

Our family (left to right) Uncle Jason, Pawpaw, Daddy C holding Micah, Mama C, Kaykay, and Cousin Ebin. Aunt KerKer is taking the picture.

Mama C (that's me), Aunt KerKer, and Kaykay

Aunt KerKer and Uncle Jason holding Micah

Proud parents. Hard to believe three weeks ago it was just us two.

Our precious little Christmas Elf. Love that movie, had to make him wear the hat.

Uncle C holds Ebin.

Then he's on Daddy duty so Mama C can have a little break.

I think this shirt says it all. Love a newborn yawning shot!

The End.

A special thanks to my sister who took most of the pictures since I was otherwise engaged most of the holiday every couple hours feeding, holding, or rocking Micah.

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