Sunday, February 5, 2012

Day 5. #febphotoaday

Today's photo of the day inspiration is Ten AM. I'm really liking this photo of the day thing! It's given me some much needed blog material, much needed motivation to take more weekday pictures, and hopefully a whole lot of memories.

This morning at ten am we were getting dressed for church. My husband had been at a men's Bible conference all day yesterday after working all night. We then went to our friends' house, and he had a limited amount of sleep. So this morning we "skipped" the first church service and went late so Daddy could sleep.

At ten am, I captured this little gem of Micah as he was running away from me while I tried to get him dressed after his bath. (We're not usually a morning bath kind of family, but we got in too late last night for his "Saturday evening bath".) He's so active these days that I have to close all of the doors to keep him contained in an area or from entering an area. He kept running around me and madly rocking the ottoman that goes along with his rocking chair from his baby days. It just amazes me how he's running around the rocker in circles when I used to hold him & nurse him in that same rocker.

Right after the above shot was taken, Daddy came in and scooped Micah up. Micah pointed/grunted for his bear in his crib. He proceeded to hug "Mr. Bear" tightly as he laughed with his daddy.

What a precious moment caught at ten am.


I'll leave you with one of my last favorites of the day. Micah is really into hugging or "loving" everything right now. He does it to his animals, the dogs, his daddy & I, and I love the expression on his sweet little face. I caught this as he was "loving" the moose.
Happy Super Bowl Sunday! =)

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