Saturday, April 9, 2011

Going green.

What a great way to celebrate this lovely spring Saturday by eating our first green vegetables! Micah is so funny when he eats. I promise he makes this "Mmmmm" sound, smiles & talks all while trying to suck his fingers. He's loves his food! I'd upload the video, but then you'd see my Strawberry Shortcake pj bottoms, my 1999 Union Zeta Tau Alpha shirt, and my hair sticking out all over the place with a nice bald spot. So...nope. Not going to do that. However, you may enjoy the pictures of Micah because he's cute.

All smiles. I hate the flash messed up because I think this is a cute picture.

I even got it on my eye! How is that possible? :)

Yummy! I love my green veggies. Thank goodness because Mommy hates green veggies.

Lick those fingers!

What is even better than licking the fingers? Why, licking the bib, of course!

Yeah for going green on this fine spring day.

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