Saturday, October 29, 2011

Our Saturday.

Every Saturday is Micah and Mommy day. This isn't because Daddy doesn't love us, but after Daddy has stayed up all day watching his son after working all night long for an entire week...he crashes. So unless we have to, we don't make big plans on Saturday. Usually Daddy comes home from work between ten and eleven in the morning, takes a shower, and goes to sleep until about five in the afternoon. In some ways, I hate it because I never feel like we have a "family day" where we can all hang out. Our family day ends up being on Sunday since Mr. C is actually feeling like a human. In other ways, it is nice to have some undivided Micah time. He and I spend the day running errands, cleaning the house, playing, laughing, and spending quality time together.

This Saturday seemed like a good diaper and pjs day. So that is what we did. Micah stayed in his diaper most of the day (very Southern redneck of me) while I was in my pajamas until it was time to leave for Hannah and Beau's party.

He enjoyed looking out the window at his dog brother and sister...
He has started making these ridiculously funny faces that I happen to catch on film every once and a while.
Then he spent the morning playing with socks.
Yes, socks.
This has become his favorite thing recently, and he makes a beeline for the laundry to play with some socks. Don't ask me why. He loves them.
Then it was time to get into the cabinet full of Tupperware to bang on the floor.
Mr. C and I have joked that his Christmas should consist of socks, Rubbermaid bowls, and wooden spoons this year.
He just loves getting into this cabinet.

It's kind of hard to see, but he has his friend right beside him. Cop Cop joined us for the day of playing with kitchen cabinets.

I just love playing with my mommy's kitchen things!

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