Sunday, October 2, 2011

Our weekend.

I didn't take pictures this weekend, but I figured I could record the memories for fun.

On Thursday night (the almost weekend), I took a leap of faith and went out with people I don't know. I have started attending a MOPS group at our church. They graciously have it on Sunday afternoons before church so that WORKING MOMS can go. I LOVE THAT. I wish there were more things out there that ministered to working moms. I'm telling you. It is a much needed ministry. Anyway, we had a girls' night out, and I didn't really know that many people. I went anyway, and I'm glad I did. It was fun to get to know some people at my church.

On Friday night, Mr. C was tired and needed to sleep, so I headed to my friend Tami's house for Bible study. Really, we're doing a low key accountability kind of thing. I can't go to MOMS anymore, so I am doing the Bible study on my own. I just want to check in with somebody every now and then.

Micah played with Beau & Hannah, and I marveled at how fast he is growing up. He followed them around this time crawling all over her kitchen floor. He actually engaged with Beau as they played with empty Tupperware and lunged for the same sippy cups. It is all going by way too fast.

At least I have this as a way to log it all. One day, I can reread all these precious, sweet memories to jog my mind of a time that fades so quickly. And hopefully Micah's wife will at least appreciate it. =)

On Saturday, Mr. C slept while I ran Micah to the doctor's office. He's been getting more and more sick as time has passed on the past couple of weeks. Sure enough, we left with our first prescription for an antibiotic. He has a simple sinus infection, but our usually happy ball of joy has just been irritable, snotty, and fussy. Saturday night, being the good parents that we are, we took our little man out to our friend Jack & Shantae's house where we met up with Stephanie & George and Vito & Ginger. Jack & Shantae had prepared a wonderful dinner spread, and we ate like kings! The guys watched the Bama/Florida game while I wrangled my precocious mobile almost one year old. Micah finally got sleepy, so I "put him down" in his car seat in their master bedroom. Score! I spent the rest of the night playing Canasta (spelling?) with the girls as we chit chatted about life.

Sunday, I woke up fully intending on dragging the family to church. (We love church, but sometimes it feels like I'm doing some dragging to get all the waking up and getting ready done in time!) This is my duty since I'm always the first up. However, I felt pretty awful myself this morning from sinuses. Micah was still fussy and snotty, and Mr. C was super sleepy from his overnight shifts all week long. So I made an executive decision for the Confidents to play hooky from church this morning and opt for some rest. Micah took two almost three hour naps today (which he never does) to prove how tired/sick he was. I think it was the right choice. My in-laws dropped by for lunch and to spend the afternoon playing with the baby. Of course, it was interrupted by one of his naps. So I'm not sure how much of him they saw, but what can I say? A sick baby gets what he wants.

And tonight I did something I never do. I put the baby to sleep in his swing. He was so fussy and sleepy, I tried for 45 minutes to lay him down in his bed. He wouldn't stay put. Climbing. Walking up and down in the bed. Crying. Screaming. So I gave up, and thought...wonder if he'll swing? Of course, he did. And he was asleep in 5 minutes. What a booger you are, Micah! So I moved him from the swing to his crib about fifteen minutes later.

Here I am tonight trying to catch up on blogging when I should be writing lesson plans. But you know? I don't care. I'd rather not think about school and think about recording memories so I don't keep falling behind. Hope you had a great weekend! I'm just glad my baby is feeling better so I'll be able to work as planned. Who's kidding...if I had the sick days I might have just played hooky with my boy tomorrow.

Happy Monday, y'all.

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