Thursday, June 7, 2012

My baby got Vaseline all in his hair.

Well, Micah officially crossed the threshold of eighteen months old this week, and I can hardly believe it! He's very active, into everything, constantly using the word "no" all the time, and mimicking almost anything I say. He may not "understand" everything he is saying, but he tries to say almost everything he hears us say. I know he is trying to connect the words to the objects. He loves to point at stuff, and I say the word, then he says the word. Babies are such sponges!

I was driving in the car the other day when somebody pulled out in front of me. Immediately, I said, "Oh, geez!!" to which he repeated, "Oh, geez!" Definitely having to watch what I'm saying!

One of his favorite past times is playing under this "tree" that we have in his nursery. It's just a sticky decal I bought at Kohl's when I was decorating it last year. He loves to point at the leaves, the birds, and the tree. I just keep repeating the words, and he plays in front of the tree attempting to repeat the words.

Recently, I've started leaving the door to his nursery open so he can have some independent play. I go in and out while he plays, but I want to encourage him to play alone some. He always ends up under this little tree. Glad he likes it! He's at such a fun as well as extremely independent age right now.

In this particular picture, Micah found the antenna on the radio and broke it in half. He's become quite mischievous lately!

On another front, I looked up my running/walking activity on my online database that comes with the free MapMyRun app on my phone. Look at how many miles I've covered in the past two weeks! =)

I have to say I'm proud of myself!!

I had a few more people asking me what I'm doing to lose weight & eat healthy. I don't know how much weight I've lost yet, but  if you want to read a few of my other posts, I've written about our switch to healthy living here and here. 

I'm not great about eating healthy. In fact, I'm probably the most unhealthy eater you will ever meet. I love fried, sweet, and salty foods! It is baaaad!  It's been a challenge for me to find anything I want to eat that is healthy. My typical lunch (since I'm a creature of habit & boring) has been a turkey sandwich on a flat out with cheese, green beans (or fruit) with Yoplait (fruit on the bottom) Greek yogurt with granola.

I'm doing this Bible study called Giving Christ Control that is part of First Place 4 Health, the Biblical weight loss program I'm attending at church. In the background, you'll also see the food diaries I keep to turn in at group. I use a phone app called LoseIt! to keep track of my food while on the go, then I log it at night on the Live It Tracker for First Place.

Every morning, I load my blender up with these goodies. Typically, I'm putting 3 cups of spinach and 2 cups of fruit in with my chocolate Shakeology mix. Believe me, I stay full with that shake! 

This is what it looks like when I'm done mixing it. So no, it isn't green. I can't taste the spinach.

I've been trying to participate in the photo a day challenge again. I've already slacked off, but I took this photo for "up close" one day of our shag rug.  I also refer to it as our "toddler food catcher" which has to be vacuumed continuously. 

We've had a lot of fun this week just enjoying summertime. 
Micah loves to run to our neighbor's house next door and look for "kitty kitty" (whose name is Chester) who likes to hang out between our driveways. In this picture, he was running away from me towards "kitty kitty" barefooted.

I love his frat boy swoop of hair. I'm having a hard time making myself cut it. I know it probably needs to be cut, but I keep trimming it myself for just a little bit longer. He's "blessed" to have lots of hair like his mommy & daddy.

We spent one morning just sitting in the front yard watching the trash truck go up and down the street. Micah absolutely loved doing this, and he just sat still, watched, and pointed at the garbage man.

This morning, he & I went out for a morning run around 8:30. I didn't do my best time this morning, and I was a bit overwhelmed by the task of running. Just because I've been running doesn't mean I really like it. I have to really push through and keep going.

Here we are after our two and a half mile run! Still smiling!

I love his face here, but I hate my double chin here. Oh, well.

Here's another picture of us after the run, and man! Micah has quite the double chin himself in this picture. =)

Now for the funny story of the day, and the reason for the title of this post.

Remember when I said up above that I've started leaving the door to Micah's nursery open so he could have some independent play time?

Welllll....independent play time he had today.

We have a basket that is full of the baby bottom essentials including diaper rash ointment, Vaseline, GermX, wipes, etc. Micah loves to play in that basket, and he has been obsessed with trying to open the Vaseline jar. I usually end up moving the whole basket to the ottoman while I change him. Then I move the basket back up to the changing table after we're done.

I guess Mommy forgot to move the basket.

I guess somebody found the basket.

I guess even though he was only in there a second alone this time was the time he actually got the lid off the Vaseline.

I guess he decided to mimic his mommy who he has seen put gel all over her hair.

I guess he decided he needed gel in his own hair.

Would you believe that with all that petroleum jelly in his hair he didn't get it anywhere else but his hair?

True story.

(Don't worry. He has his diaper on in all pictures.)

So I did what any modern, blogging mom would do. I stripped him down to his diaper, rushed him into the bathroom to keep Vaseline from getting everywhere, and I grabbed my camera to document it.

I mean, look at how much Vaseline this child got in his hair.

As my mom put it via text message, "So have you gotten it out yet or is he going to look like Elvis for a few days??"

Six shampoos with Dawn later, I'm afraid he's going to be looking like Elvis for a few days. If you are out and about in town and see us, please know I have washed my child's hair. I simply can't get the Vaseline out. I really hope this doesn't end up needing a buzz cut.

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