Thursday, January 26, 2012

Dreary multitasking.

It's another iPhone post! I know you are so disappointed because my picture quality as of late has been lacking. Sometimes in the middle of a busy week, it is too hard to get out that "nice" camera when my phone is right beside me. Add to the fact that I can mobile blog with an app on my phone?? Kind of hard to beat.

This week started out like this, and it has stayed like this. We escaped some tornadoes over the weekend (thankfully), but it has been pretty dreary around here. I'm kind of over the rain, and my kids really need to get outside for recess! This teacher is climbing the walls of her little classroom!

I've enjoyed a lot of fun time with Micah at night, though. We skipped church last night because he was soooo tired. He's been on a napping strike (according to his daddy). We're not really sure why, but his naps have been few and far between. This stinks because when Mommy comes home he is tuckered out from not sleeping leaving me about 2 hours of play time before bed.

Lately, he is loving his milk and this keyboard we've given to him. (Please don't judge our Christmas tree box STILL in our living room and toys scattered about.)

Speaking of which, this kid loves his milk. Is it possible he is drinking too much milk? When do you introduce water to their diet, exactly? He's just going through a gallon every two days or so. Is that insane? Or do I just have a calcium fortified child?

Anyway, obviously this is the same picture of him playing with his little keyboard. Does it stop him from wanting to play with Mommy's real keyboard? Um, no.
Speaking of which, or not...I'm way off topic, but at work we are in the process of having "drop in" evaluations. I'm about to kill myself trying to be the best teacher in the world all day long waiting for my principal to come. It's about to kill me. Pray I can make it, and pray these evaluations come sooner rather than later!
On another note, I'm going out to see a movie tomorrow night!! With some friends! I'm so excited to get out of the house to do something fun that isn't work. I hope you have a great weekend!

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