Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year's Day 2012.

We did absolutely nothing on New Year's Day, and it was wonderful!! We sat around and relaxed. My best friend Sara had been in town for a week, and we kept saying, "We need to take a picture of you and Micah. We need to take a picture of you with Micah."

Because last year when she was in town (she gets here once a year sometimes more) and Micah was a newborn I didn't take a picture of her holding him!!

It's one of my regrets picture wise.
So here is Micah with his "Aunt Sara" who I hope he will come to love as much as I love her.
We met in first grade! Now I need to get a picture of her twin sister Beth with Micah, too!
Mr. C's specific instructions for this picture were, "Take it waist up so my pajama pants don't show." (I was too lazy to change into jeans so I was wearing a "nice" shirt hoping to fake the picture.)

Well, you see what happened.

"Aunt Sara", Micah, and Mommy
Try #2, but Micah wasn't looking and my pjs are still showing. Oh, well. At least I have one picture of Sara with Micah!
Happy New Year!!

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