Saturday, January 28, 2012

Sunday and a weekend recap.

So this past weekend came and went in a flash as always. I'm trying to do my best to at least document Sundays because I love the idea of watching Micah grow weekly through a picture of us all dressed up. Although sometimes picture taking on Sunday mornings turns out more like this since somebody is ready to run these days!
This weekend was actually more fun that most since I had a girls' night out on Friday night! That's right, blog readers. I actually went to the movies with my MOPS group and out to Starbucks afterwards. In fact, I didn't get home until 11:30 because the baristas ran us out of the store. (Ok, not really, but we were there until 11 PM talking.) I love my MOPS group!

Another wonderful picture that just represents life these days. Micah interested in everything around him!
Saturday was a wonderful day with much needed Mommy & Micah time. Micah has started bringing books to you so that you can read to him, and he chose Mary and the Empty Tomb about fifteen times on Saturday. He says, "Dis?" to you, and let's just say that Mommy does not mind reading the ressurection story multiple times while a small toddler actually sits down to curl up with her!
In other news, it was a big day for Mommy, Daddy, & Micah. We officially gave the ok (love that I had some choice in it) to have Micah moved up into the "big boy" room. He is officially a toddler running around with his little "friends" at church. It breaks my heart while simultaneously causing me to have a heart filled with pride.

We also hit the fourteen month old milestone this weekend.


Where has all that time gone?

Let me also point out the PERFECT picture of everyone looking at the camera with no fingers and all smiles. But. My flash was off.

I wasn't ill after that happened before going to God's house, I promise.
(Ok, maybe I was a little mad.)
At any rate, it is so hard for me to believe that Micah (not looking in the picture with the flash of course) is so old! I really love the boy he is becoming, but sometimes I look over at him. Then my breath completely leaves me because I think, "Who is that cute little boy?"

Little boy.

I know it only gets worse.
At any rate, we enjoyed our weekend immensely, and Mommy is looking forward to another few days of uninterrupted time with her handsome boys!
Here's to another weekend getting here very soon!

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