Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Get your priorities straight.

Apparently, Micah's priorities are pretty clear at this point. He loves his fingers, his ball, his milk, and his truck. I'm telling you that little guy is all boy! Lately, he's running and screaming as he tears around the corner pushing that truck. He will only pause for a brief second to take a swig of milk followed by more truck running. I've loved all his stages, but there is something amazing about playing with him and watching his personality emerge. This week he has started full out running to me and hugging my legs when he sees me. It is the most precious thing!!

Sorry for so many posts with iPhone pics, but I have to say this makes blogging so much easier!

For the word update:

Nursery workers swear he kept saying nigh-nigh when he was sleepy at church. I also think I've heard it, though not frequently.

He's dropped CopCop in favor of puppy.

Sometimes he brings me things , and I think he is saying, "this?" as a question.

He also says baby, but I'm not sure he is using it right.

So there ya go! Blog update via phone.

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