Sunday, January 22, 2012

Our weekend.

Our weekend was pretty dull and boring. Friday night we went to visit with my parents and ended up eating dinner with almost the whole family. My sister came to pick up my nephew, but she stayed for dinner, too. The boys (Ebin & Micah) played together, and it is so much fun to see those little cousins enjoying each other. I pray they both grow up to be best buds!

Daddy slept all day Saturday (as usual) to recuperate from his long week of working night shift followed by watching a baby. So Micah and I spent a lot of time playing together on Saturday. This is pretty much our Saturday routine, and I love all my Micah time. However, I do miss seeing Daddy, but he needs his rest so I understand.

After Daddy had rested, we met a couple friend at Gibson's for some donuts. Then we headed back to their house for some coffee and conversation. Micah had previously been asleep in the car, but woke up to play with everyone until around ten when we left. It was a crazy night for that guy! Three hours past his bedtime.
Today, we went to church, and I made Mr. C pose with Micah before we left. I have several friends that I see do this on their blogs--make a Sunday picture almost weekly. I love the idea because some weekends (like this one) are just boring and full of living life so there aren't many pictures to go along with grocery shopping. =) I just love how handsome my boys are and we were actually running early for church. It was a miracle. So we celebrated by taking a picture with Daddy.
The rest of the afternoon was spent at the grocery store, cleaning (minimal), laying around the house, trying to catch up on blogging some, and getting ready for MOPS. If you are unfamiliar with MOPS, it stands for Mothers Of PreSchoolers. It's a bi-monthly meeting with other moms of young children as we read & discuss books (Biblically based parenting), craft, talk, and just fellowship. It is so wonderful, and I am enjoying these lovely ladies. Our MOPS group actually meets on the weekend before church (two Sundays a month) so I'm actually able to attend! I don't know if the other ladies know how much that means to me. I hope they never change the time so I can always go! We enjoy a mom's night out once a month, and they also do a kid's day out (we can't attend obviously) for the SAHMs. Good times!

Well, bad weather is coming in this evening so I hope everything stays ok. I always hate tornado weather. It is scary! Have a great week!

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