Monday, January 16, 2012

Lately. iPhone picture update.

I have been a horrible blogger lately! Quite honestly, I love having my blog. Looking back, I can remember so many specific things because I wrote it down. That's my only motivation for this blogging because my New Year's Resolution actually revolves around more manageable goals instead of crazy impossible things that will never happen. Sometimes blogging takes a back seat. And I think that is ok.

I've spent a lot of my extra time the past couple of weeks organizing, keeping caught up with laundry and household chores, and really investing in my quiet time. Those are what have kept me busy when I'm not playing with my family. In fact, I've tried to be better about staying off Facebook and wasting time on the internet. It really can be a time sucker. At any rate, what have we been up to lately? I still have a Christmas (I know, I know) catch up post and a New Year's post (I know, I know), but at least this post will give me one "catch all" for all these iPhone pics that don't really belong anywhere!

Well, Micah is officially completely a walker by now. He's extremely gifted at it, and I don't see him crawl anymore. His newfound freedom means that he is into anything and everything! I love this bookshelf he got for Christmas (from Target, of course!) because he can get whatever he wants himself. Just wait until we're old enough to understand how to "clean up" by ourself. Can't wait for that day! =)
He is also a blur. This is what most of my pictures of the little guy look like. I'm telling you, he's on the move!
We've also been spending a lot of our evenings on the patio enjoying the nice weather and the fire pit Mr. C got for Christmas from his parents. Nothing beats a good s'more on the open flame, does it? Of course, Micah joins us, too, but he only lasts about 15 minutes in our laps before he decides he must try to get into the fire pit.
Super squirmy thing often ends up inside that door looking out from the kitchen at the magic of the s'mores. Please don't mind the smoke. The wind shifted mid picture, and we moved the baby out of harm's way.
Somehow these pictures got terribly out of order, and I'm too lazy to figure it out. So sorry!
I got twelve inches cut off my hair, too! I donated it to Locks for Love, and I'm happy with the cut.

Here's the before:
Here's the after. That's a whole lot of hair.
Here's the finished project once it has been straightened nicely. Although, I can't get it to look as good as she did that day.
I've been going to a MOPS group all last fall semester, and our group meets at my church on Sunday afternoons twice a month. It has been nice to meet some other SAHM and working moms. We've got a very diverse group that includes some single moms, too! The more the merrier! I made these delightful pizza bites last week to take as my shared appetizer. They were a hit!
I was home one day last week with Micah because he was sick, and it snowed briefly!
Mr. C & I continued on our quest to raise Micah right. When you live in Memphis that includes eating barbeque from various restaurants. Our choice after church was Central BBQ. I had this huge plate of barbeque nachos. I shared it with Micah, and he liked it! He also likes Mexican food and Chinese food. You know, the essentials.
Here are some more pictures from our night out with the fire pit.
Mommy and Micah. I have no idea what he's pointing to, but it is probably the dogs.

Micah's now officially moved up from his old sippy cup (with the squishy nipple top) to a hard topped sippy cup. It took a couple of days for him to figure it out, but he is doing well! More importantly, he can't "paint" with milk all over the house with this sippy cup like his old sippy cup.
So that is about it for us. What have you been up to?

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