Monday, November 12, 2012

We put an offer on a house.

 Today we did something cah.ray.zee. We put an offer in on the house pictured above. Now, there is a whole lot that could go wrong with this house so we're trying not to get our hopes up. We don't want to put our eggs in one whole basket.  So here's the deal:

1. This house is priced modestly, but it is really big. It's in one of my favorite neighborhoods in my hometown. It's less than five miles from my work, and it would make life (commute wise) a whole lot easier for my husband, too.
2. It has been the only house that wasn't in complete shambles and/or need major updating to the tune of thousands upon thousands of dollars.
3. It has four bedrooms and two bathrooms, a den, a living room, the kitchen, a laundry and a formal dining room.
4. It's in a wonderful school district which as been a huge factor for me in buying another home in case things don't work out in my own school district which is going through some major changes.
5. It's currently very low risk in a flood plain. However, that requires some major flood insurance. So here's the deal. We low balled our offer quite significantly and asked the sellers to pay to try to have it removed from the flood plain. Since the risk is minimal and it never flooded last year when we had our major flood here...we're hopeful we can knock it out of the flood plain. 

If it doesn't get knocked out of the flood plain, we're walking away.
If it isn't the price we want, we're walking away.

So I'm trying to think happy thoughts, but I'm also very skeptical that this thing will go through without a problem. Instead, let's just skip to the "tour" of pictures I stole from the internet. Shall we? I can dream. If God wants us to have it, it will be ours. If not, well...that's that.
This is the front porch complete with front swing. Um, LOVE!

This is the formal living room complete with hardwood floors. It will probably remain empty for a while since we don't have enough furniture to even begin to fill this house. However, I'd love to have it look similar to this! So cutely decorated!

This is the (small) kitchen. Yes, I know it is small. We have plans to (one day many years from now) knock out the formal dining room wall to expand the kitchen. Then we'd turn the formal living room into a formal dining room. For now, it is moderately updated (needs counter tops and flooring), but it isn't so hideous that I can't live with it.

Here's my favorite room. I love this den! I love the fireplace, the beams, the molding. Lots of character!

Here's the patio in the backyard complete with large storage shed covered with mature trees. Man, I love a neighborhood with trees!

Here's the backyard. It has enough trees around that you won't be constantly raking, but enough shade, too. I can picture Micah's play area back there. 

So there you go. House Tour Casa Confident 2012. If all goes well (haha), we'll close on December 19th. Yes, moving right before Christmas. How crazy are we?

And if it doesn't work out, I pray that God doesn't give it to us. We truly only want his will. 

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  1. Oh. my. goodness! It's beautiful! Is there an update to this post? I mean, I skipped tons of posts to get here because I just knew when I saw you pinning things for "the new house" on Pinterest that something was brewing! So, please share, what are the updates?