Friday, November 30, 2012

Happy Birthday, Micah!

It's so hard to believe that our little munchkin is now two years old! This year since I was participating in the St. Jude Marathon (post to come), we had Micah's birthday party the weekend prior at The Little Gym. Let me tell you, I'm not a fan for paying for birthday parties. I don't want Micah to "expect" to have over the top treatment. However, this year...with everything we had going on? It was worth every single penny. We invited a few close family friends and our family.

This is Amanda and her daughter Abbey. Abbey is Ava's cousin, and I grew up with Amanda.

Beau is Tami's son, and his parents were our first set of "couple friends" that we hung out with back in our dating days.

This is Summer and her boys. I went to college with Summer, and she moved away to Cincinnati when she got married. She was home for Thanksgiving so we try to get together once a year and catch up. She brought her boys (Ryan and Colton) to the party.

Tami & Beau

Amanda & Abbey

The parents of the two-year old.

My sister (Aunt KerKer) and Micah's cousin Ebin

Circle time!

Micah refused to sit in the middle of the parachute by himself, so I got to hold him while everyone sang "Happy Birthday!" to him.

Micah was in heaven in a room that was padded and all he had to do was jump and bounce!

The granddads and my brother outside in the waiting area.

Table decor.

Baby wearing mamas. I never "wore" Micah, but if I had more than one--I probably would.

Our little family of three.

This picture was hilarious because Micah kept trying to sneak into the party room and get his cake. I caught him in the act!

My dad, my mom, C, his sister, grandpa, and my friend Sarah

The cake

Getting ready to sing him a song. =)

Trying to get him to blow out those candles!

He finally got his cake!

It's amazing the amount of kids just a few adults can produce over the course of the last eight years of our married life. =)

We had fun opening presents, but I requested no presents from lots of people. Some didn't listen, which was fine, but it did cut back on some of the present craziness. Honestly, we don't have room for much more! 

One last picture of me with my gal Amanda and her daughter. These two were born a day apart two years ago. Sniff. Sniff. Time flies too fast!

Happy Birthday, Micah! Mommy & Daddy love you!

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