Tuesday, November 6, 2012


 I am not much on Halloween, mainly because I grew up not really doing Halloween. However, we always went to the church's fall festival called the Pumpkin Party. On Halloween this year, we headed to my sister's church to do a little bouncing on the "jumpoline" (as Ebs calls it). 

Mr. C was asleep and Uncle Jase was still at work, so we went early to let the boys have all access passes to the moon bounce. I thought Micah would be too little for it, but man! He went to town.

Kai (the pastor's son) jumping with us. He's in between Micah & Ebs in age.

I kept trying to get a good shot. It never really happened, but I'm hopeful my sister got some great pictures. I'll add those to this post later after she posts them.

 Smiley Ebin!

 Micah discovered the steps into the bounce house made some awesome slides, but he about scared me almost falling off onto the pavement.

He'd had no nap that day, so he was one tuckered out fellow when we left around 7:30. Hope you had a Happy Halloween!

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