Thursday, November 1, 2012

Playing catch up with the "real" camera pictures. Post 1: Fall Break

 At the first of this month, it was my fall break so we took a last minute trip to Orange Beach, Alabama.
Most of our pictures look the same, so I tried to spare you the 299 we took! Haha!

This was one of my favorite vacations because we played & played & napped & ate! Heaven!

Beach time!

There were a lot of boats near our condo for Micah to explore.

Micah & I getting ready to go out to eat.

 We tried to show him how to build sandcastles, but he mostly just wanted to knock them down.

Happy tootsies in the clear water! Wish we were back already.

 I was such a prude! I kept so covered up and swam in a dress. However, if you had my'd do the same thing, too.

 Christopher liked to make fun of my "get up" at the beach every day. Glasses, dress, headband. It is quite lovely, isn't it?
Our family at sunset.

Trying to get some pictures, but it didn't work out so well.

He wouldn't cooperate, and he kept throwing fit after fit.

At least we got a little bit of a smile.

This is about as good as it got. A dark. Drat!

Can we go back now?

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